My Lucky Charm or Our Savior’s Arm?, 17MAR


My Lucky Charms are tasty, green and sugary. 

It’s artificial color, but real sugar makes us real jittery.

Limited edition means they will disappear from shelves. 

But you know the regular box, made by those leprechaun elves.

So are we lucky on St Patrick’s Day, or blessed every day?

Lucky to be blessed or blessed to be lucky, which is it today?

Will you count on today’s temporary charms?

Or continually be fighting too many life alarms?

Don’t let the seeming magic luck fool you.

The REAL TRUTH is what REALLY should school you.

Is my Life held safe by my Lucky Charm? 

Nope, HOPE is in us holding onto our Savior’s Arm.

We were blessed the days on earth He gave His best.

We are blessed today because in Him we rest.

We will be blessed tomorrow for starting fresh.

We are blessed in FOREVER LIFE now caught in His Mesh.

Amen (and Happy St Patrick’s Day!)

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