Fishing at VBS


I walked into being a helper for a friend’s friend’s VBS, never met these folks, but I knew in joy I could just pop into anything. I knew in pride “I could do it all!” – well, yes I could do lots of it, but that’s bad pride thrashing about like a fish out of water. To run VBS, you need a whole school of fish to help. And you need Jesus to tell you which side of the boat to fish on. This summer I am fishing as a worker not the vbs captain. Either way, I could be prideful for my skills but I should not (we should not)… Now, not only should I (we) credit God with our skills, I (we) should swallow pride and taste and see where God NEEDS us to use them.

So, quietly and happily today I made a display suitable for catching HIS fish, a billboard for a fish craft that the kids will make later in the week… Crepe paper twisting is a web idea reused many times – I take no credit but bringing my open eyes and ears to help – my fingers to move more than my mouth.

WE are to be like Jonah (Tuesday’s VBS story), listen and obey.

We are to be caught up in Jesus’s net. Then help lower it again to help Him catch others.

We ARE the catch of God’s Day. 


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