Christmas in July, 25JUL


I didn’t always know we would get a sweet gift, the Gift of Jesus.
It’s Christmas in July, HAPPILY.

I didn’t always know I needed the Lord as much as I do.
It’s Christmas in July, THANKFULLY.

I didn’t always know the Lord would take care of me and my family SO MUCH.
It’s Christmas in July, LOVED EXTRAVAGANTLY.

I didn’t know today was going to be the day that my work promotion came through (yes today! On 7/25, of all days, LOL).
It’s Christmas in July, SURPRISINGLY.

I didn’t know I wouldn’t know what that promotion details would be until Christmas July Eve, haha (7/24, LOL).
It’s Christmas in July, PATIENTLY.

I didn’t know the seeming delay in it would test me and make me cool it acceptingly, just to see it land exactly on Christmas in July. The Lord did that testing, PURPOSEFULLY.
It’s Christmas in July, NOT SO “COINCIDENTALLY”.

I didn’t know the Lord would teach me so much EVERYDAY.
It’s Christmas in July, EDUCATIONALLY.

I didn’t know the Lord would know me before I knew Him.
It’s Christmas in July. EXTRAORDINARILY.

I didn’t know the Lord took on my sins BEFORE I committed them.
It’s Christmas in July, WHOLEHEARTEDLY.

I didn’t know the Lord would forgive my ignorance on top of my sins.
It’s Christmas in July, AGAIN and AGAIN, GRACEFULLY.

I didn’t know Shephard Savior Jesus knew from the beginning He was to be God’s Sheep slaughtered for atonement to save all of us.
It’s Christmas in July, OBEDIENTLY.

I didn’t always know Christmas’s REAL meaning in Truth truthfully, only knew it seasonally. I knew it when I knew Christ in me SPIRITUALLY. Then I knew He wants to shine in me, in we.
It’s Christmas in July, JOYFULLY.

I didn’t know He LOVED us before we loved Him. I also didn’t know He was coming back again EXPECTANTLY.
It’s Christmas in July, “we NEED a little Christmas”, NO DOUBTLEDLY

It’s Christmas in July, BLESSEDLY.
It’s Christmas in July, FOREVERLY.
It’s Christmas in July, AMAZINGLY.


Merry Christmas in July.


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