Busy Eyes Busy Ears – Queen Elizabeth’s Service and Services


I nestled in to sleep by 830pm Sunday, yes was so tired, a good tired from a busy weekend and a reflective Sunday, but really because my alarm was set 5 AM Monday. Surprisingly I woke earlier, 4 AM. Yes I was and am up so early for the funeral for Queen Elizabeth.

Busy Eyes and Busy Ears for all at the moment, at the service, by the security staff, by all family. Imagine what the great grandchildren will see and remember. 

It’s not morbid or ambulance chasing, on my part. No, it’s not obsessive although some surely think it is. But I am not embarrassed to have busy eyes and busy ears. Now I have 3 live video feeds, different camera angles, and maintain a click routine of NOT MISSING ANYTHING, even knowing I can watch it all on YouTube “tape-recorded” for years later. For me, to watch is respectful, it is healing, it is processing. If sovereign leaders of state can fly over to sit hours for the service, I’m privileged too to watch on “TV”,  in my pajamas, with a cup of tea. The cat doesn’t understand, she’s not stepping onto THIS laptop!

Was I ALSO awake SO early 41 years ago in 1981 (41 years ago??? Inconceivable WOW) for the marriage of Prince Charles and Lady Diana as well? OH YEAH!!! I was 11 years old, an old TV in my room. Surely we were in fairy tale land with them. We (me, especially as a young teen) LOVED the spectacular spectacle. Fairy Tale. But shattered of course with the scandals and pain. It was not a Fairy Tale after all – and we all in life have realized: life without pain is not real life.

In comparison however to most people in the world, not sitting in cushy comfort like us, WE are their Fairy Tale. WE ARE BLESSED by privilege and provision. 

Today however, I feel to be not JUST witnessing and living in a Fairy Tale of media and provisions but in a Faith Tale, to tell others about. 

“Come Holy Spirit”

Billions just now heard “We beseech Thee Lord to raise us.”, “All in Christ shall be made alive”… Billions are being told of the Queen’s faith. Billions are learning there are church services filled with singing.

For this corruptible shall put on incorruptible… oh grave, where is they victory?… Thanks be to God… victory thru Jesus Christ… 

A commentator said all these leaders surely feel their equalness with common folks, all in awe of the Queen. And for sure, all will know our equalness at the moment of death, we all will be humbled and judged by the real and only Lord God.

Psalm 42:1-7 was read, scriptures and songs… the Lord’s Prayer… the hymns…

So beautiful and comforting…

And then… … I feel asleep. Powerful peace for sure.  Just a power nap but good enough rest, awaking in daylight at 7AM. My tea still warm. The cat resting now awaiting my wake up…

The videos I pause now and will rewind, watch again… Not missing the moments!!!  I will replay for a bit and then move on… Even the Queen has already “moved on”… She did not have to wait for a procession to arrive to Heaven, only take a pause of the closure of her eyelids. She awoke with Jesus in her sightline. Death and Rest are are just a pause. She was lowered into the vault under the church – powered down on an elevator – we all paused to watch.

The pause of life, maybe death to life everlasting comes in that power nap fashion. I believe there is a real peace-recovering moment after we ourselves pass away. “Death, where is that sting?” I do believe that IN CHRIST, we will awake from the “powering down” on earth to be “powered up” in His Presence and in His Light and in His Forever. 

In Jesus we live. We are not to fear death but we can not help but fear the pain leading up to it. Jesus knew this pain, Jesus knew this phase, Jesus knows our rescue was worth His death. Jesus knows our resurrection in Him will be worth it all. Peace is Jesus’s pursuit. 

Imagine Heaven, imagine our BUSY EYES and BUSY EARS then! Imagine God’s Peace – for us – for Him – for all.

God save us all.

God teach us to count our days…

God bless and rest the Queen. Her service and services, a life of dedication.

God bless us all.

Amen and Peace 

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