Woman Sitting in a Chair


The woman sitting in a chair,

a constellation of which I am well aware.


She sits forever in late summer night view.

It’s 5 or 6 stars in the shape of a “W”.


Is she just sitting 

or is she knitting?


Is she reading

or is she retreating?


What and who and where is her view?

What in the world could that sitting lady do?


Lady sitting in a chair, you are my view.

Maybe because you are me and I am you.


And Lady sitting in a chair,

are you really aware?


Do you know God’s sitting too?

He is sitting and watching you!


Now I see why you, Lady, are sitting.

With God in charge, it is only fitting.


Let us let God have His Way.

And you and I may rest in Him today.


Stars, you do know.

God’s plan does flow.


So now let’s rest.

because God’s Plan IS the best.


Amen hooray!

God’s got this day!



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