A Servant Scene. A Deep Breath of Belief.


It was a beautiful Saturday outside, a yardsale set of sellers, a collection of comraderie in customers, purchases and peace. And then OOPS. One car backing up hit a parked car on the edge of the street, SCRAPE…  scraped the door. CRUNCH. We watched the crunch in real time, couldn’t stop it, then we saw the slow motion of emotions started churning and rolling. No one was injured but damage done. Big breath… whew…

Sadly and understandable the tears came, this was an elderly woman’s car, and she was distraught but totally together. I heard snippets of conversations and our emotions predicted that rest. I projected my issues onto the scene too, and this focused my prayers… This seemed to be a teen driver and she was so sorry. This was a mom passenger who took charge both of the accident and of the paperwork. The mom in the middle, she was then helping the hugging and in the healing. She hugged both the daughter and the woman. She was “sandwich generation” in substitute. She understood both sides and stood in the middle of the road being the bridge. Her car, her daughter, her handling of everything. Truly a SERVANT SCENE. 

That’s how the LORD is handling us, BEING OUR BRIDGE.  He is handling our world, our situation, our crunch scenes, our scrape ups and He already handled our salvation. A SERVANT SCENE. The Lord is standing in our roads, being our advocate, gathering the info and the flock. Showing that even in stress, God’s help shows His strength of healing. His love as a bridge. God the Father, God the Son Jesus, and God in His Holy Spirit. God takes charge of calming the accidents and always handling the heavy healing. 

God has enough capacity to hold the world in His Hands, and so He does, bringing His people up close to His heart. 

I don’t know the total stress that was caused or how each person dealt with it completely as it looked like they were handling it fine and us as viewers took on the burden of angst, amd we felt the weight of being emotional bridges. Most importantly we started praying with empathy.


Having the “birds eye view”, it is easy to be “analytical” and to just see the paperwork and “easy” steps take care if repairs, but we all know there are slow motion hurdles in all the fixes and repairs to tackle. Since I was a watcher and not a participant, I had to participate in ACTIVE PRAYER above all, especially for safe travels in that scene the rest of the day.

God is with us totally in the moment and IS a watcher AND participant. God never leaves us.

Stressed scenes show us God’s LOVE seeping in.  God IS in the mix because He is holding His World of people in His companionship and hope. God wants us to know He has us in His Hands, Heart, Healing. 

Deep breath of belief. 


A servant scene of prayer strengthens hearts…


Strengthen your hearts, for the coming of the Lord is near. James 5:6-7

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