One year BOLDER, not just older.

One year HUNGRIER, even having been fed.

One year harder, because faith treks me to go farther.

One year easier, because God leads me to act smarter.

One year wiser, because of the roads I have been on.

One year lighter, because I know God lifts my loads.

One year more, because God makes life not a chore. 

One year more blessed, lest I believe anything less.

One year so thankful in PRAISE, that’s my Spirit raise.

One year of many, and I hope of many more.


God Blesses I know, when you go with His flow. 


Lord, please bless my Mom and Dad, my children, my family and friends. 


God bless you all, I forever want to say: “God bless you today”. 

Especially everyday. 

Especially today. 






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