God Has Seen Worse


It’s not just scary stuff at Halloween, but there’s scary stuff all year round. Yet if we think nowadays is bad, I am pretty sure God’s seen worse, He has seen worse tragedies and strife, horror and human failings. I’m God-fearful to say He could even inflict harsh punishment if He chose to. 

My friend made some photoshopped images as artwork – and gave as giveaways for a fundraiser. Couple video game character grim reaper types and illuminati-ish symbols were in some. They were “scary” if you allowed yourself to be scared, but fake. Really nice photoshop work, but not my cup of tea. I think however scary-like, God has seen worse. Actually I am certain God has seen worse. And future revelations show its just going to get worse too for masses of people who don’t know God and let Him lead.

From my friend’s artwork, I chose an image of lightning strikes, photoshopped to add extra strikes on a water scene. Real and not unnatural scary powerful stuff. Lightning is real in our interesting and intricate world. I thought, accepting that photo, if God can make things that are scary but God IS in control, then He MUST have infinitely more power than ANYTHING, over evil influences allowed to work in the world, over all. Our job is to believe God’s power not just of scary things, but that God’s power of love is MUCH stronger. God REALLY is in control and LOVE is MOST powerful. LOVE NEVER FAILS

We must believe God’s power is supreme, surpassing all evil, already putting us on the winning side. In old testament histories, God gave real life prophets to help the people thru. We now have written prophecy and witness, we can be encouraged as well.


If stuck in a rut, let’s ask God to move the ground around us. Love never fails. 

If stuck in a bad scene, let God change the plot. Love never fails. 

If stuck in being enslaved, kept down, or simply fighting bad paperwork, red tape, weird scenarios, remember God’s Sovereignty. Love never fails. 

God’s lifetime is infinite, our memories are not. When we get through hard times, we are allowed to forget the level of pain, that’s how we can walk forward into victory as well as new battles. When we are battling pain now, may we also remember that God will get us through this. 

Bible stories and demonstrations of God’s power are written for us to learn from. God has got this, He always did.

God’s love will never fail.


PS… I just read quickly thru Ezra 4-6, WOW, opposition to rebuilding the temple in Jerusalem. If you think we have opposition now, or sticky scenes in conference rooms or wherever, BE PATIENT… Let’s let God stick it out with us... read ahead and I will tell this story soon: https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ezra%204-6&version=NIV

Let God go ahead. Let God win.

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