What Way? Go The WAY of Jesus.


What Way? Go The WAY of Jesus.

I had to do something. I did not know which way to go, so I went THE WAY. THE WAY OF JESUS. 

Serve, Listen, Walk.

I had a problem,. I did not know how it would go down, so I looked UP… looked for THE WAY.


Listen, Walk, Know.


I spent a LONG time waiting in faith for when this issue would resolve. So I watched THE WAY it did resolve. THE WAY OF JESUS. 

Walk, Know, Wait.


I searched for the right words. I stumbled through my clumsy way into His confident Way to say them better, in His WAY.


Know, Wait, Speak. 


I saw human support wane. I sensed His support strengthen. I knew I was working His Way.THE WAY OF JESUS. 

Wait, Speak, Believe. 

I felt RELIEF. Relief of doing it His Way. THE WAY OF JESUS. 

Love, Love, LOVE.


Love the WAY, sometimes hard.

Love the WAY, always right.

Love the WAY, always LOVE. 


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