Unfinished and Finished, Folded and Unfolded


There’s projects that will go unfinished in life, and some we finish some just to finish. Some things left half done or 90% done but we need to push to wrap up, some we don’t even start because we are afraid we can’t finish. 

My sewing pile, that letter to a friend, half thoughts not shared, work stuff. And sometimes we wish stuff would go away, like icky projects. Sometimes they do. Sometimes we can just walk away. Sometimes we just need time to walk back.  

If there are piles of unfolded laundry, we just move those baskets around, need motivation to put them away, but a fresh dryerfull, still warm? mmmm, I could dispense with that in no time. Hmmm… A house cluttered for weeks, but if company is coming? In 10 minutes it’s marvelous.  Hmmm… Solution? Rewash the laundry and invite people over for visits and keep up with the motivation. Or don’t sweat the small stuff and have people over anyway – wear stuff from the laundry baskets too…

Many a devotional thought is half finished when I stop to think about it rather than just live it, maybe it is to rest on my brain longer,  in my heart too. Maybe we are to hold thoughts of pondering Him and see then how He tackles the day, is the Way, and suffers too the lost projects. Oh, I see where this devotional writing it going: we are God’s unfolded laundry… oh… We collectively have members of the world who are unfolded, not in Jesus’s sheep fold-collective yet because they still have the wool over their eyes, and He is out there working on finding them, ready to give them a clean shave to see. Even us who stray and fray and gray are sometimes too long out in the field, due for a rewash, a fresh start, a breezy clean smell of Holy Spirit. If the motivation is what we need, only one spark can re-light our fire, the Lord. 

One thing that we do know, is that unfinished stuff will always remain on earth. Like breaking up a house, either we do it or someone else will. Like the sewing pile, someone knowledgeable will salvage it, or someone overwhelmed will toss it. But God? He knows where and what to do with HIS STUFF: US. He did finish the work He established by sending Jesus to take away the burden of sin and have us walk as sheep into His fold, and better yet He lifted us in because no matter how high you can jump out of your skin, you can not jump our of your sin – Jesus needs to lift you to His Arms and lift your stains from your way, His Way. And if we get stale or soiled, we can be rewashed on the spot. Jesus, His motivation never waivers… He finishes. He recollects, He rewashes. He re-folds.

Jesus finished the wash but He is still folding…

Keep the faith that Jesus will be there for everyone who wants to be clean.


 “I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep. John 10:11

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