A Gentle Answer, 03Jun – #172


A Gentle Answer, 03Jun

Proverbs 15:1    “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.”

Yep I think this scripture is 100% true and witness to that too because of an incident of terrible road rage…. I had someone in my blindspot driving and although I didn’t cause an accident, I incited some fierce road rage from a man who followed me, cut me off – screamed at me and even took a punch at me through my window….
People at work said I should have pulled out my phone take a picture of him take a picture of the license plate, others said I should have been packing heat to protect myself…. but all I said in the moment was “I’m sorry I’m so sorry” … it was all I could say too – I felt no need to incite more rage – and there was also a gun-owners club bumper sticker on his car – yeah – I locked the door and prayed…

So gentle words probably did turn away the wrath… Gentle words, God and a strong Subaru window… 🙂

Turn the other cheek – or in my case – the other Subaru window…

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