Faith release, 07 JUN – #178



Never used to find this such relief, but now…Yeah…. Faith release…. Just like yesterday my neighbor was so happy to see my cross around my neck, the special one my special cousin made for me as a Christmas gift and I first wore on Easter… She was happy and I asked her about her cross necklace – she was happy to tell me that her mom brought it for her from their homeland… And then I showed her a photo of the one my family in Europe gave me… We both have “Joy in the Lord!”

A little while later I saw this sign at the house where my son went for a sleepover… I pointed it out that I liked it, liked the scripture, and said she didn’t realize it had a scripture on the bottom of it. Hmmm… Interesting… bet she will now…hmmmm….

Here’s the piece I wrote…

Faith release, 07 JUN
I LOVE IT when I walk onto a house and I see a wall hanging like this… and it frees you up to speak more deeply about your faith…. it’s not that you can’t do that with everyone you come across, but it’s like a relief valve to bubble over that the “JOY in the Lord is my strength ” conversation with a fellow open faith sharer… Sometimes you show your faith in your acts, sometimes you show your faith in your words, and sometimes you get to dissect and tease apart your faith with those whom you are blessed to know are right alongside – next to you, – walking too….

family rules 178 part 1family rules 178 part 2

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