Twinkling, 14NOV – #296



It’s 5:45am, what am I doing up so early on a Saturday? God says my Grace is sufficient for you and so is seven hours sleep, you got solid sleep, now wake up and let’s write….

The stars are so faint here in the offcast of city lights, but the planets shine… It was Venus who called me outside this crisp November morning, to see how it aligns with Mars and Jupiter… Perfect, straight and sharp…

And then I turn to see the Pleiades…. They are SO faint but I can find them. They are mini, they look like a mini dipper with half a handle… They twinkle…. Oh how faint they are and yet my eyes catch them twinkle as bright as a Christmas tree. My eyes have seen their light. Mine eyes have seen THE light. I know God blessed me and kindles a great FIRE in me for Him. I am YOUR child God, please shine me where I can do the most good for you.

God wants me and wants you to see HIS twinkle… The twinkling of God working in all things…

Ah, thanks God, that’s what you me to write about today…. I just wrote that twinkling part while leaning against my Subaru with its Pleiades logo of six stars, as I fancy being the seventh sister… And yes, I fancy that I personally twinkle with a different light, the LIGHT of Jesus shining thru my soul… I write to let you know that God loves YOU… That is a warmth I pray you all know. The warmth of Jesus in your heart and the clarity of Jesus in your mind.

Twinkling, 14NOV

God twinkling… God can come with the full force of nature, but God likes to make things twinkle, dabbling extra sparkles in all our lives. God puts the twinkle in our sight. God puts the twinkle in our eye. God loves us.

God shows us glimmers of hope when someone is awakening to the concept that they are worthy of God’s graces, they start to twinkle. God brings joy and peace to sorrow, brings LOVE and understanding, brings healing and hope, and brings salvation with forgiveness. We ARE forgiven when we forgive others and forgive ourselves. We have God in us to twinkle. We can shed light on others and give them hope. We can be the spark to light or relight the realization that God wants them to shine.

Staring at the stars, even when the city lights are too bright, you can watch the twinkle. Not only do we gaze upon this glorious display of light orchestrated and piercing the dark to reach our souls, we get to see the stars twinkle subtle and focussed… Light generated so long ago still being moved thru the universe, we are seeing the past because these stars are so far away. We see twinkles of explosive fires too faint to hear and feel with our other senses, but it is truly dazzling to our eyes… It will draw our focus.

We can focus, we can see twinkling in our favorite uplifting friends, they shimmer, they shine, their cups overflow with sparkles. Their smiles and their kindness kindles hope.

We can focus, we can try to see the twinkling still left in those down and out people when we look long enough and deep enough. We can tease apart thorns in jaded and frustrated folks and ask God to send some HOLY SPIRIT wind their way to light a FIRE to burn away some thorns. We can pray for them to stoke the FIRE of Jesus in their own hearts.

God wants me to show the FIRE in my soul, He wants me to focus the fire on His plan, He wants me to urge you to look for yours…

Because you are made of God’s Spirit, He can make you twinkle. He wants you to focus on your fire then get ready to shine.

If you have shined and burnt bright, keep your embers going, you now have the most intense heart, you have the most intense heat to light others.

Jesus burns bright, follow the internal LIGHT…

God loves YOU…

Jesus saves YOU…

Jesus brings YOU home forever…

God IS forever…


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