It’s clear that being a child of God not only gives you the youthfulness to see God as a wonderment, but it also gives you the strength to use God as YOUR guide and NOT rely on YOUR own understanding of the world….

With these mass shootings in the last few days, and even small sins and everything in between, we know forever in history that some of the world’s people are and have been convoluted and imperfect… Sadly, this is NOT new but better publicized and certainly more immediate in our minds… today we see more weapons of mass destruction as opposed to simply pouring boiling oil over the castle walls… poisoning ones neighbor, or even sending atomic bombs to kill innocent lives…

God is a courage builder… It’s up to us to progress… to progress into practicing PEACE… to commit to a path to move our anger into teaching, reaching and love, just like Jesus did. Jesus came into a tumultuous world and it remained that way when he ascended… It’s up to us now. It really is…

The recent mass shootings… Oh the anger is all around us and sometimes even worse is the complacency of ignorance… Evil begets more evil… when anger becomes retaliation it is used as an excuse by many to produce more anger… It’s a never ending cycle. The world does not owe anyone a place in it. The world does not owe anyone peace. The world going against you does not mean or give you the right to go against it. You must accept and improve your lot in life, but not at the expense of other lives… Oh how we sinfully forget that as a society.

But how do we not become complacent Lord and how do we not perpetuate that sin of hate?

LOVE, Jesus said LOVE courageously… How? How to love your enemies? How to love yourself? No matter what  – the advice has to be put into practice. Love comes from God – all love.

The bible says the way to love is to forgive… You can’t find forgiveness from God without forgiving others. And yes, it’s hard to forgive or understand mass shootings, it’s hard to live in a weird world where brother kills brother… But God never promised you a garden here on earth, rose or otherwise… God promised us an eternal life if you can find your way, narrow but sure…

Jesus was angry too!!! Was it because so many sinners were complacent?, perhaps not angry THAT they sinned, but angry because they had NO remorse and didn’t want to change?…. Status quo?… Jesus did not hate them but He did petition His Father’s forgiveness for ALL of them.

The world has too many pockets of status quo, of ignorance and want, of complacency…. People sometimes say that other people’s problems are not theirs to worry about – but honestly they are, because other people’s problems are God’s problems…  and God’s problems are our problems too….

The world doesn’t function as one whole being and therefore it’s not surprising that the world does not want to change… But YOU can change, you can buck the trend of hate, you can LOVE.

Love courageously, LOVE to live up to God’s challenge…

If God gave up HIS son for US, we could help God by not killing the rest of his children… Learning to live with all of God’s children…

And we could take on some of God’s problems by taking on some of the world’s problems and making a difference in it. We can make a difference, rely not on your own understanding  but ask God where to put you to work.

How to love your enemy? God ONLY knows….
Help them Oh Lord, help them, help us stop the violence…
But more immediately Lord, help us learn how to not be complacent with the people’s problems in the world, and please teach us how to Live to Forgive just like your son…
….and please guide us children, oh Father, as we learn how to LOVE courageously… walking by faith not by sight… We are courageous for YOU because we have YOU in us. We love because you love.


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