Safe Thus Far, 26JAN – #347



Safe Thus Far, 26JAN

Way before these silly repeat “52” numbers there was a MAJOR repeat that I am sure God wanted me to notice – and notice again this year… last year, the song Amazing Grace was playing when a truck started swerving at a particular stretch of highway on my commute… three particular but different God sightings i have had on that stretch of road – and this one today reminded me once again that God answers prayers… God knows us and knows our specific requests and even knows our groans… “the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” Romans 8:26

God just knows, because He is God….

Specifically – back on the 23rd of Feb last year I was repeating one version of Amazing Grace from a Feb service – a beautiful rendition by our amazing praise band… I was repeating this song over and over and found myself in a situation where I was called to act to try to wake up a swerving gas tanker truck driver – I can’t say that I knew God wanted me to act – but I would have acted anyway because I had to try something to wake up the driver!!!… and I honked and honked to the tune of Amazing Grace for about three to four miles and then finally – FINALLY – he pulled over to the side of the road – finally he woke up from his erratic way…

I had to sit and digest this for an hour before getting out of my car that day, praising and thanking God… But what really sealed the deal for me – in knowing it WAS God Himself in this intervention – was because on the NEXT day I was driving on that EXACT same stretch of highway and “by chance” the same Amazing Grace song randomly came up on the shuffle of the CD – I smiled because I knew – I knew this was God giving me a glimpse of how He works – of how He uses me (and all of us) as His tool … and how He comforts me in a whisper to know that He was the one keeping me safe… Yes, to know God is to be thankful of His thoughts of us and us being thankful for the Grace He gives…

So – today – I KNOW God IS in control and I trust in the Lord… Another God sighting – I “randomly” put in the same CD when I left the house an hour prior – and when I hit that same stretch of highway and that same version of Amazing Grace came on – well, yeah the memory flooded back into me!!! I gave smiles to God for such sweet a sound… Today, this God sighting had no swerving trucks or crisis – but I was praying a prayer of discernment at that very moment – I was running thru potential scenarios with God for a particular convoluted and sticky problem – I was talking to God by praising and praying, thanking and singing – just focusing on the blessings He has given me so far.

I believe that it’s God and God alone who can just answer our sticky questions – and even if I can’t even vocalize my issues well enough, God knows that sometimes we ONLY have wordless groans (Romans 8:26) and understands anyway… So while I was singing Amazing Grace on that stretch of road, I thought “what are my options here God” – and God answered – from LEFT FIELD – His answer came by pulling a random thought to try to address my problem – wow wow wow – out of the blue? Out of the Grace of God. Even if this answer won’t fix everything – at least He answered because I asked. He showed me support to say “I’ve got this”.

Even though my asking was convoluted and not concrete, He knew I needed an answer and a direction and the assurance that He DOES answer. He gave me an option – He was just opening my mind and He found that random tidbit of info and put it into the forefront of my thinking… Brilliant!!! Brilliant God!!!… You made me smile – You essentially knew I needed You to light my path… You found me in that special highway spot with that special song. So I smiled and said – “Oh – there has to be a “52” around here” – and YUP – it was 9:52 on the clock – YUP…

Thanks Lord for bringing me “safe thus far”…

“Through many dangers, toils and snares… I have already come. Tis Grace has brought me safe thus far… and Grace will lead us home.”

Thanks God – THANKS for the support – THANKS for the Grace

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