Sadness and JOY, 25JAN – #345



Sadness and JOY, 25JAN

Wonderful sitting with my teen daughter watching the movie “Inside Out”… on a Sunday afternoon of a “snowed in” weekend… How sweet she is… to want ME to watch it WITH her because she loves the message of this movie, and she REALLY wanted to show ME how it really explains human emotions well… She told me I would cry, and she was waiting for me to cry, and she was ready to comfort me… Of course I cried during the touching scene of the teen girl remembering her childhood and the devotion and LOVE of her parents… And crying because my little girl is growing up fast before my eyes to be a beautiful young woman, and to know she is STILL sitting BESIDE me, STILL pausing to be WITH me (and also chastising me whenever I picked up my phone to see who texted me…)… Yeah, cherish these moments of sadness and JOY… Sadness for the eventual empty-nest feeling, but JOY for the LOVE we share and appreciate in the here and now… And for the beautiful memories we are making.

The movie seriously and comically addresses the mix of emotions – and how these emotion-tinged events become core memories… Without giving the movie plot away too much (I hope), the fix to the issue at hand is when the sadness (blue) and JOY (golden yellow/green) characters team up together…. The colors of the two emotions are mixed and swirled together in the core memory sphere created, and the family is brought together in LOVE…

Sweet movie, made even sweeter watching with my daughter. At the end we look up to see the brilliant sunset over the mounds of glistening white snow… She points out the sunset colors are EXACTLY the same as the mixed sadness and JOY memory… EXACTLY… WOW…

Sweet memories are often tinged with both sadness and JOY phases… The memory of a couple sweet folks at church, who suddenly passed away recently, brings us both sadness and memories of joyful conversations, and of course JOY in their eternal rest, away from pain, in the house of the Lord, of their tremendous devotion to Jesus… They had JOY in the Lord… Sadness AND JOY are combined in Jesus’s existence for eternal life…

Sadness too is key in our deaths, sadness is palatable for the brutal death of Jesus, God’s ONLY son… Who died for OUR eternal JOY… Who died a human death to bear OUR sins to accomplish the most important task – to unite us with our Father in Heaven – sadness and JOY…  Sadness too that God had to give His Son to get us back…

How profound, how unreal, how amazing it is for us to have God Himself reaching out for us… by asking us to focus on Him, telling us to set down our earthly desires and follow HIS SON… And allowing us to blend in HIS sadness and JOY which miraculously He combined for OUR eternal salvation… ! ! ! ! ! !

How blessed we are to serve HIM… How blessed we are to share in HIS pain, to weep with His tears… How joyous to acknowledge and participate in His desires… for HIM to bring us home for HIS LOVE… To share in the JOY…

Yes, God’s LOVE given thru sadness brings JOY…

That is the miracle of LIFE.

That is Jesus, Immanuel, God with us….

That is eternal JOY.



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