Ride the Waves, 05 FEB – #356



I am uber “go with the flow” these days with the many many places and activities God wants to take me…  I have to be, because God is certainly taking me down quite interesting paths…. God loves me and I appreciate His support always, but I do feel sorry for those uber devout atheists out there…

Here’s my devotion about how I am blessed with going WITH GOD, ride the waves WITH HIM…

Ride the Waves, 05 FEB

In the storms of life we have to reach out for the loving arms of God to keep us afloat… We need to seek HIM to be calm in the eye of a hurricane. There’s lots of rooms in God’s house, but somehow some folks miss the boat of God… some folks put up a fight and don’t want to go with the flow, don’t want to be pulled into the vortex… but if they were inside they would realize how peaceful it was deep deep inside God’s LOVE… Pray for those who are skipping the boat, those who are swimming the opposite way. For without hopping on God’s boat, there is NO way they might ALSO want to put on the life jacket of Jesus… But you and I all know that it’s not too late for anyone – and we urge them: “hop on, hop on”…

God never promised us smooth waves in life, even when we get in the boat WITH HIM… but HE sent Jesus to SAVE us from sinking… and sent Him for us to find our peace… We are all sinners and often might take for granted these God-supplied travel provisions… God will take us back home, but we will have to accept the free ticket.

It’s a long way home, the seas are rough, so put on your life jacket and know that it is Jesus making the path to God FOR you.

Please, put on your LIFE jacket of Jesus and ride the waves…


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