Shadow? 02Feb – #353



Shadow? 02Feb

You see your shadow today? I saw mine, there was a great LIGHT shining…

I don’t know if tomorrow will repeat (ala the movie Groundhog Day) any of today, but the LIGHT that God put in my 11yr old son is surely bright and BRILLIANT!!! When I was kneeling putting him to bed l told him that kids in the old days prayed at the edge of their beds, kneeling in humbling themselves to God… And he said he knew how to make the wolf submission position, and he laid still and said he had prayed the Lord’s Prayer… Or at least what he could remember… So I asked if we could pray it together… And yes he remembered it well…

Then he told me that his sleeping bag was God covering him, and his two jumbo stuffed animals were Jesus and the HOLY SPIRIT surrounding him, keeping him safe… Then he told me about his dream that he might turn into a dinosaur and was worried that I would experiment on his DNA… I said I would only take some spit to experiment on his DNA) and we talked about how God must have had this amazing plan envisioning the mechanisms of DNA, RNA, and protein to make the world work so well for so long…

I prayed kneeling for us and prayed again while writing this to have Jesus shine this great LIGHT on us tomorrow once again and make us a shadow of HIM. I know HE will, that I faithfully know… When we live thru our storms with HIS beautiful calming presence we know we are blessed to live in His shadow…

I opened the VBS package and read the bible stories for this upcoming year, Tuesday is Jesus and Peter walking on water, of course… perfect… Perfect calm in the storms of life… Perfect LIGHT to find our way, with our shadows at our back we face the LIGHT…

Sweet… Beautiful… BRILLIANT…

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