Two ones, 01Feb – #352



A last thought about today, Feb 1st, when one year ago I stood in the Sept 11th memorial garden and I KNEW I was 100% with Jesus…

Two ones, 01Feb

Two ones, me with Jesus stand together on Feb 1st, 2-1, HIM first then me, fallen and picked up. Both of us fallen and raised… Him by God, me by HIM… Me raised to be His CHILD of God.

Sept 11, two ones…

Two 1’s are 11, twin towers together that look like two 1’s or 11. They fell, and all those people raised to Heaven and sadly some fallen into Hell… Two 1 beams, two beams that I held on 2-1 with Jesus inside me, causing me to raise praise for Jesus raised up in me. We 2 became 1 heart that day.

Sept 11, a preemie baby screaming kept me together, I have been raising her ever since, tonight HER hugs raised ME up, made ME smile. Tonight I kneel at her bedside and pray for her. Tonight I kneel at my son’s bedside too and pray for him. Two ones… Two children of God I raise for Him to raise even higher… Two 1’s to whom I say “Goodnight you 2, I LOVE YOU, JESUS LOVES you two too” …

Goodnight to YOU, Jesus my Lord,



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