A friend asked me to start some more evangelical pieces, meeting people where they are… It’s true that I long to hear about others’ faith and how they found the LIGHT, and how they are still looking.. Some folks slowly peak thru the window-of-your-soul blinds, some open them fully… It takes time to adjust to the LIGHT…


What’s your perception of God?

Is He close or near? Does He call out to you? Do you call out to Him?

At night, the moon calls me out… When it is setting, like this really early morning, and as it approaches the horizon, it is HUGE! It’s a trick if the eye? Is it parallax as my physics teacher might say? No, it’s a trick from the light in the curve of the earth… Light that bends, bends your perception, changes what you understand.

Whatever your perspective is, the moon is the same size. Whatever the light brings to your eye there is no different amount of cheese, no half eaten crescent from mice that finally made a rocket ship to reach the moon. And the light from the moon? That is not even made on the moon, it’s from the Sun.

What’s your perception of God? What’s your take on Jesus? I ask because I want to know… I don’t expect answered emails, and I don’t expect you to have God all figured out either, I sure don’t! I just ask that you think about your perspective on God – because when I previously thought about mine I was totally confused… Blessedly, God cleared it up for me as only God could… I understand more deep truths now, not shadows of truths, I saw the LIGHT and want you tell you the LIGHT is looking for you too. The LIGHT wants YOU to understand God. God loves you FOR YOU! And loves you for YOUR benefit, He wants to be WITH you.

Reflections of LIGHT… The light affects your perception of the moon… But you must believe that the moon doesn’t really change… even though every night it looks that way.

Reflections of LIGHT… The LIGHT affects your perception of God, and God changes how you see the LIGHT… But please believe that God doesn’t change HIS LOVE for YOU… It’s YOUR perception that affects how you relate to God.

God is waiting on you, calling to you, wanting you to notice.

Is God a blinding LIGHT? Maybe? or does He reveal just enough light for what He thinks you can handle? God has just the right and perfect LIGHT to help you walk on YOUR path in the dark times. Think about His Grace and the blessings you have been granted IN the light – think about those times when you knew He was with you, and therefore I ask you to know that He IS with you as well in the dark times… He wants you to be less distracted by the false light and see only the true LIGHT from Him.

Please know God GIVES the LIGHT. And you can take it stepwise, gradually unshielding your heart to feel a gradient effect of more and more LIGHT.

So look inside yourself, that is where God placed His guiding LIGHT, just waiting for you to fuel it. He created you in HIS image, God is IN YOU, REALLY!!!…. Make Him feel at home, welcome HIM. With God, you are never alone, and you are always walking and welcomed home. You are anchored and no longer adrift.

God gives the LIGHT that bends but does not break, He can bends your perception, change what you understand, if you let HIM.

What’s your perception of God? Do you call out to Him? You may have to change how you perceive God’s LIGHT. It’s alright, God WILL help!

Call out to Him, He’s there…

He’s ALWAYS been there.

He’s ALWAYS shining the LIGHT.

He’s ALWAYS calling YOU.

He’s ALWAYS listening.



LOVE GOD because you once were LOST, but now are FOUND. LOVE GOD because you once were BLIND, but NOW can SEE.




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