The Trash Too, 20FEB – #366



The Trash Too, 20FEB

Up at 545am to feed my daughter in preparation for a 30hr fast event to raise awareness and funds for world hunger relief… I pray for the youth famine weekend and that the messages are heard and understood by the kids(and parents)…. “Those who have ears, let them hear”

There was a skit from last year called “The Trash” where Jesus was trying to help someone remove their baggage and sin in the form of trash – and it was AMAZINGLY true to me… but little did I know that over the course of this one year that I would truly witness this happen to me in big ways… I incrementally gave up SO MUCH trash to Jesus this past year and I don’t even miss it… Namely my faulty beliefs, my emotional eating ways and ignorance of my holy temple, my ignorance of feeding myself the Word of God, and that stress about things that God can handle MUCH better than me… Oh yeah especially giving up that stress… The trashman taketh away…

And YEAH – that dancing feeling? YEAH, totally…. I’m dancing and singing HIS praises everyday…

There’s still more trash to give up, there is ALWAYS going to be big and little pockets of trash WE hide in our hearts, that WE cling to, and that WE take back… And I think that devil delivers extra too… But blessedly this trash man comes on a routine basis….

Once you see the benefits of giving up the trash, you WILL want to be purged and polished by God!!!

SO BLESSED… THANKS JESUS…. REALLY YOU ARE ALIVE in those who cling to YOU. Amen and THANKS youth!!!!

THANKS all current and former youth leaders for bringing Jesus in living form to our children and to us.

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