Pseudo-Yoga, Sharing the REAL LIGHT, 22FEB – #369



Pseudo-Yoga, Sharing the REAL LIGHT, 22FEB

So in this mixed bag of a crazy weekend, I had two particular moments that I want to share – where i am pretty sure Jesus was smiling and embracing the “two or three –  people who meet in MY name”… I had many many others incidents of encompassing love this weekend (of course) but these stand-out for the discussion of yoga and worshiping false idols… And for the smiling appreciative reinforcement that Jesus is truly in OUR hearts… And both conversations involved girl scout cookies and health and weightloss…

Here’s the vent part: Yoga is being bashed in sound-bite form by some folk as false idol worship – JUST bashing…

Yoga – OF COURSE it’s origins are from a different spiritual path, but it is a generic term these days for a type of exercise, but they didn’t change the name… It’s years ago when they took the yogi out of yoga to see how it could be used in the fitness realm… (I bet the yogis might say that fitness folks did was the equivalent of “taking Christ out of Christmas”)… Nowadays “fitness yoga” (maybe use the term “pseudo-yoga”) is low impact, heart-rate-increasing stretching for the body, it’s attention to breathing, it’s finding PEACE, acceptance of self, but with a goal of feeling better… That’s the same message person to person, but HOW each person’s mind is stretched truly IS different person to person…

Here’s my praising -> My mind says Jesus is stretching WITH me when I do my yoga. Jesus is meeting me here at a crossover of cultures, helping me use the best from others to better myself in the vast universe – to LIVE better to enable me to spread HIS LOVE… JESUS-enabled GOD LOVE and PEACE…

In “fitness yoga”, you don’t have to worship the Sun or false idols in order to raise your heartrate to do the plank position… Besides, holding the yoga plank position for a LONG time just might make you call out to God for help! Face down to the ground – you better believe there’s praying!

My two particular faith discussions involving yoga (as well as eating more protein and greens, less carbs, and less processed foods for weight and health improvement) resulted in the BEST Jesus sharing, where both of us stood mutually agreeing that Jesus was in OUR hearts, that Jesus IS shared out from OUR hearts, and that Jesus IS the LIGHT… That’s what God wants us to share – share that ALL this “strength” and “dedication” for any task is ALL FROM GOD… isn’t that AWESOME? Isn’t that the point? God is WITH us regardless of our mindsets, we are supposed to realize that and listen deep into our hearts using our God-is-love mindsets to develop our Jesus lives IN ME “heartsets”… It’s amazing when we realize OUR God is working HIS ASSETS OFF to wake us up – to work HIS plan – and return US to HIM. Cool…

It’s important to stretch your mind to find out what’s actually in your mind…

In the yoga routine, the end catch phrase is “The LIGHT in me salutes the LIGHT in you”…. That’s the most Christian statement I have EVER heard!!!JESUS IS the LIGHT… Share the LIGHT!!!


PS… It’s convenient that my paths cross with a wide variety of people and faith systems… It’s convenient to have the gifted family-trait mindset of “I have an hour in between scheduled tasks, what five things can I get done?” Because that’s where God can use us for others when we are already in motion… I know God must have caused this focus in my brain for health sharing and for sharing faith, because even I don’t understand why I was chosen for this task except that when I accepted Jesus, I also said “God use me for whatever you need”… “correct my ways for your purpose” … it rings true: Luke 1:38 “And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word.”

PPS… Likewise “fitness kickboxing” doesn’t mean you want to kill people LOL, it’s a exercise focusing routine… And when I kick and punch it’s the best feeling – because sometimes I am visualizing pummeling the devil… I know it’s God who is best to fight the devil, but I like to help God the best I can, if I at least stand up to the devil, Jesus can kick for me… Jesus is LIGHT on His feet for sure!!!

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