Maundy Thursday – What would Mary say? missed then got the last pages – WOW, 20- 21Mar – #386



Maundy Thursday – What would Mary say? missed then got the last pages – WOW, 20- 21Mar

Email to Pastor and Professor:

Hi Pastor – thank you for the opportunity of the Holy Thursday skit… I read over the skit – it is very moving – moving me to close to tears for the angst of Mary for hearing about Jesus being captured… I am super honored to be entrusted to this reflective and sorrowful storyline  —

BUT –  I have a question about the last page 9 where the skit just simply ends with Mary having lost hope…  is there another page after page 9?  is there a summary wrap up narration that then rends the listener some HOPE for Easter Sunday and not just left with this devastation that Mary is upset with??? does the listener leave only with this thought that Mary has no hope?  hmmm….

So Pastor and Professor – what DO we know about Mary after Jesus died?  I know Michael Card always talks about the scripture of Luke with all the good details of Jesus’s birth – since Mary told him long after they all left after Jesus’s death and resurrection….

Professor, the reason I ask is that Pastor asked me to read for Holy Thursday service and it reads/invents into what Mary and Peter would have chatted about on late Thursday night after Jesus was arrested…   but I think that the end of the skit leaves it hanging too much – it ends with Mary wondering about the silence of God and whether it was worse to curse God and die then to take this awful silence of God for leaving them in this bad situation – whew – I honestly can see others saying this but fear projecting this onto Mary- I worry about that being too much of a stretch…  I understand completely what the skit author’s point is, but it seems stretching the bible to where it’s not written… I will go back to the bible entries – but really I wonder…

for the rest of the skit it is very pensive of course…   and I can understand that there are so many people who are angry with God and think God is not listening – and I can understand this terrible position of life they are in even if I myself never felt this separation from God – I really will have to stretch to that anger position in the skit – I can do it – with God’s help – portray the best I can – but I wonder again if there is another page to wrap up the story – of if you are going right into a sermon from there…

thanks!!! and just curious – I will read it either way – I just want Mary to not get the short stick for people thinking she wasn’t strong enough to trust in God..

The missing pages showed up a day later… hmmm…. timing…

Oh Pastor, my, what a beautiful pages 9 and 10 for the ending to that skit…. I’m sure God must us purposefully made me wait on those missing pages to really think about my thoughts about this Holy week… the ending of this skit is so hopeful – just like we are to be so hopeful indeed of Jesus’s GIFT of salvation paid by HIS LIFE…. in the course of a day I kinda felt Holy Week condensed. The ending is oh so hopeful…. I pray that I can be God’s hands and feet always, but especially with this, and give it the justice it deserves…


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