Yesterday, 18 MAR – #385



Oh I  THANK my friend for sharing this saying…
“What if you woke up today ONLY with what you thanked God for during yesterday”

I just reread this saying in the proper way… I get it now, had to reread it in today’s context.
if you got ONLY the things that you thanked God for yesterday, it certainly would make you THANK GOD MORE during today!…

I’m so blessed that yesterday I DID thank God for so many things… And I thank him again today. And yeah, I really did thank HIM for all these things yesterday and more…. I reflect and am AMAZED at this list….   yes, thanking God is key to our happiness and hope.

Yesterday, 18 MARCH

I thanked HIM for sleep, short but good, and waking refreshed at 4:30 am, hitting the store before sunrise and having a great conversation with a homeless man.
I thanked HIM for the beautiful weather.
I thanked HIM for the moon and stars at night that tickle my eyes.
I thanked HIM for the sunrise.
I thanked HIM that I got to hug my kids goodbye for the day.

I thanked HIM that my workplace was awesome and that my lab experiments worked, when I had not done that type in 5 years.
I thanked HIM for my crazy work family, and that they need and cherish me.
I thanked HIM for St Patrick’s Day.
I thanked HIM for the delicious and healthy food I was eating.
I thanked HIM for my children.
I thanked HIM for my hugs from my children, snuggling up at night because I hadn’t seen then all day.
I thanked HIM that my car is running
I thanked HIM that my nose is healing from when that dog bit me two weeks ago.
I thanked HIM for the small scar on my nose (that only I can see) that will ever remind me to LISTEN to God, and not be flippant about my self confidence that I am the one in control of my life, because I am NOT, HE is.
I thanked HIM for my parents, for them being awesome, and in good health, and that they are coming for Easter.
I thanked HIM that they are going to hear me sing.
I thanked HIM for being able to sing HIS praises.
I thanked HIM for this awesome band family of Christians at Thursday night practices.
I thanked HIM for my Thursday exercise class.
I thanked HIM for the de- stressing health walk I took with my work brother.
I thanked HIM for my health, and screamed my excitement during dance exercising.
I thanked HIM that I didn’t take myself TOO seriously.
I thanked HIM for my sewing abilities and for the new pretty dresses I get to make and enjoy wearing.
I thanked HIM for a future getaway planned with friends.
I thanked HIM for me NOT burning the house down with chicken cooking on the stove at 10pm when I fell asleep in my son’s room, oops, only to have my daughter wake me in time. I thanked HIM it was the smell of speedie sauce that reminded me about the cooking chicken. I thanked HIM also that I didn’t have to throw that meat out, it was still ok.

I thanked HIM for good scriptural advice on how to try to keep the peace in all aspects of life.
I thanked HIM for enabling me to conform to structured situations and for self-discipline in unstructured situations.
I thanked HIM for the scriptures to guide me.
I thanked HIM for humbling me, gently.
I thanked HIM that HE gives me motivation to try harder to LISTEN and OBEY.

I thanked HIM – again – for my friends and my family.
I thanked HIM for my pastor, and SO MANY pastors and counselors and faithful faith-filled friends, who help me navigate this new world of living in Christ.
I thanked HIM for the non-faith-filled people I meet and that God enables me to share some good news, if ONLY simply a smile.

I thanked HIM for allowing me to feel fulfilled for the day, hitting the pillow at 11pm (a long 18.5hr day) and the warm, heated cherry-pit pillow to heat my feet, and for listening to myself singing the praise song “the old rugged cross” which I recorded in order to practice for Easter Sunday, replaying the song while I was falling asleep….

I was out in five minutes, lastly I thanked HIM for making me excited for tomorrow! Which is TODAY!

I thank HIM thank HIM thank HIM for HIM

I THANK GOD that there IS a GOD.




385 thank.PNG

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