No Points, Batman…. 07MAR – #379


batman 379379

No Points, Batman…. 07MAR

I had my court date for my traffic ticket of turning right on a yellow (I swear to you it was yellow, not red)…  anyway, the officer (who was there on her day off) apparently had a system and called each of the five of us out separately to talk real quick and offered me a deal… She said she would give me no points but I still pay the fine – so nothing on my insurance… I said ok… Sure, I would have loved to argue the whole $130 thing down, but you know it didn’t seem worth it at that moment….. No points is really what I was aiming for anyway…. So in five minutes we talked to the judge – it was easy and done.

On the more brighter side (I always look for those), just prior to meeting the judge I was in the waiting room and I got to entertain a little 4-year old boy while his dad and older brother were in serious discussion – they seemed to be in a quandary about whether to plead guilty or not in a situation involving alcohol. my right on yellow seemed so minor a problem. His whole family was there and they were having a really intense discussion, so I was more than happy to have a small friend to entertain while waiting… This relaxed me and reduced my stress… This little 4yr old boy and I talked about Batman and the videogame Minecraft…. He did not know who Big Bird was but he certainly was telling me who Batman was….. I showed him a couple of Batman videos on my phone and I showed them a picture of me and the real Batmobile from the TV show which impressed his grandpa too. After my court time, I came back to the waiting room and I had a set of VBS Bible buddies left over from last year, and I thought I would be bold and give them to the little boy and told his mom that there’s an app that you can make those Bible buddies come alive on the phone…..

I thought if anything perhaps those little scripture sayings on the back would comfort his brother and father (and mom and grandpa)… I don’t know… if nothing else I just looked like a nice church lady/mom and that’s perfectly fine with me… That’s a label I appreciate…. It’s planting the seeds… Easy and done.

Batman had tools to make him a superhero, he did not inherently have powers like Superman or Spiderman… he was a regular guy… He had supernatural tools… So do we… we have our smiles, we have our gentle words, and most of all we have a goal to make things better…. yeah crazy church people are not superheroes, they don’t have to be!!! …but when the opportunity is there to be nice and share a little love, well that’s the point… Plant the seeds, bring extra seeds, let God water…

Share the LOVE….

That’s the GOOD NEWS of the day…
That’s the GOOD NEWS of tomorrow as well… Same Bat Time… Same Bat Station…

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