Flippant, 06 Mar – #378



Flippant, 06 Mar

I ALWAYS seem to get something to write JUST after I mention to someone or to myself that God hasn’t made me write in a while… So this I HAD to write tonight because I have to apologize to God.

I have to remember to fear and respect God, NOT treat him like a best friend or a lucky charm, but truly to treat him as my Father, my Creator, and my Master. He loves me so very much, so much that He sent His only Son Jesus to die for my sins, which are plenty!!! God loves you so very much too!!! God wants you to know that. Yes. God sent Jesus for all…

So, today I got bit in the face by a dog… I was being really stupid and put my face right in his and he jumped at me and his teeth pierced my nose. I AM FINE, it could have been much much worse….  I couldn’t have been MORE stupid and now I have the small cut on my nose to remind myself to NOT be so flippant. It was an accident, but I thought I was being cute as if I had my face in a baby’s face, and I did completely ignored the warnings of the dog’s owner.  In hindsight, it probably looked like I was challenging this giant dog… I didn’t even know the dog, I’m not even a big fan of dogs, but I thought this year I’m trying to learn to love them. Well, I’ll stick with cats, at least when they scratch you it’s not your fault it’s just the car being a cat… Yup…

So this WAS my fault and I see it completely connects to prevailing thoughts in my head the last couple days about fearing God, giving him His due respect, about going to Jesus as my middleman to petition for me, and to NOT be so flippant for all the blessings He has given me… I have to remember these blessings are for HIM to use me, not for me to use for myself… I am just a tool for God…. sure I get salvation too, but my ticket to admission to heaven was paid by Jesus’ death, so it’s better I try NOT to stray from that narrow path and NOT forget to climb back on the path when I fall.

Have you done something stupid in a flippant righteous way like I did tonight? This was nothing compared to some of my other doozys, of when I became arrogant and self-righteous… This was not necessarily God biting me in the butt as much as it was God saying “I told you so”…. He has infinite forgiveness as He picks me up, and you up, from failing and falling once again, it’s called humbling. They say it’s better to humble yourself before God humbles you, yup humbled on the tip of my nose….

But don’t worry and obsess about your failures, and think God can’t forgive them, because HE can and does.

A friend told me tonight that God will let you stray but HE longs for you, just like the prodigal son’s father longed for his son to return. And God really really longs for you. God really really loves you and forgives you and wants you to turn to Him.

When you are ready to turn back to God, God will swoop right down and scoop you up and He will forgive you and He will never disown you and He will make you feel home once again. And HE can make you feel home because HE already lives inside of you, by putting Jesus in our hearts and giving us the Holy spirit to guide us…

Like a new coloring page, we are unfinished masterpieces, God’s changing us from caterpillars to a butterflies. God is working on us everyday making us more and more beautiful. So, don’t think you HAVE to be finished to walk the road to God, if anything, walking means you did at least find the road… And once you start walking, there is no turning back, no turning back….

So I am so sorry, God, for the times I felt and feel so righteous and didn’t rely on YOU, but on my own pride accomplishing great things. I know YOU are the founder of my feast and the solid rock under my feet. You are the Rock of Ages.

The only reason YOU GOD made these good changes in me was NOT because I was just lucky, but it is because YOU, my master, choose to make me an object lesson. And also when I look foolish, I am still your object lesson…

So when we look towards and feel your free and open AMAZING GRACE, that’s when we remember what YOU did for us Lord, what you did for me, Lord…  WE ARE SAVED. Jesus is our advocate, each of us walk the narrow path to You, Lord, with the LIGHT Jesus shines on out feet and uses to illuminate our dark places…

Let us respect and obey you Lord, because YOU made us your own. You made us each a NEW creation in YOU.

“If anyone is IN Christ, he is a new creation. the old has passed away, behold the new has come.” 2nd Corinthians 5:17



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