Overflow, 28FEB – #377



Overflow, 28FEB

You know sometimes it really does overwhelm me how blessed I am!

For my troubles or even how I trouble my own life, God gives me strength…

At this restful moment, I sit in my Subaru after a long and blessed day –  a retreat in between tasks, I know I should keep moving and yet I have just the urge to sit, it’s decompression I never get enough of, that I never needed before like I need now… Honestly I could also use a nap right here in the car too… But sitting to ponder will suffice, playing praise music “Ode 15”… singing the “Alleluias”… SO AWESOME…

As my favorite praise song “ALL in ALL” lyric states: “When I am dry YOU fill my cup…” – Yup, and I just can’t contain my cup, I just feel so soaked in God’s LOVE and Jesus’s LIGHT, that the line in “PRAISE HIM” that says: “PRAISE HIM with every breath and every tear…” Yeah… It’s overwhelming…

I KNOW it’s STILL JUST the beginning for me… God’s plan for my life is going to keep rolling and maybe I will get accustomed, maybe not… I pray God to use me best, I thank God for such great release in letting me PRAISE HIM…. I pray that I never fall into a complacent way… I never ever want to be even a little far from HIM, EVER…

Sigh, just needed to pause and share… Tears of JOY…

Thanks everyone!!!

Thanks Lord!!!


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