Broken people (an unfinished draft) 24APR – #397



I woke up from a vivid dream, solid sleep, God wakes me to write, thanks God for waiting until it being 5AM and not 2AM!

Broken people (an unfinished draft) 24 APR

I dreamt that I was in a perfect, manicured, modern church… Everything was in its place and it was packed. The reverend’s nickname was “Q”, he was energetic. Aside from a scene of collecting the offering, that’s all I remember….

I woke up with the first thoughts of this devotion glued in my head:

The church was perfect, but there was something not perfect in the church, something broken, whether the parishioners knew it or not, it was them… They were broken people, God called them because they were broken; God calls us as we are because WE ARE broken! God says I can fix you, I know what eats at you, and only I can give you peace – even when the world is whipping you.

God wants us to welcome broken people too… God knows the church buildings are to be used as tools not shrines. The people need help, they come to church to cling to the hope that God can help, and we should welcome them.

The money collection scene in my interesting dream was stopped abruptly when I woke up… Sometimes I think God doesn’t want me to go into that next thought, so He wakes me up…. Everyone had donated to the collection plates except one gentleman, the ushers were upset, I have never witnessed this in real life of course, no one really ever makes people donate, so I didn’t understand why they were upset in this dream, this was pure fiction… The ushers grumblings distracted me – and quietly I wondered how I could help. Someone handed me the collection plate, someone else near me also didn’t like the grumbling and went directly to the guy who didn’t donate and held his arm and handed him some change and then turned his hand to dump the gifted change into the collection plate that I was holding… That “good citizen” then instructed me to take it to the usher to prove that everyone had donated, he did it to placate the situation… I walked with the plate and wondered what I would say – how would I describe what had just happened… perhaps I would just say I smiled at him and he donated…. I didn’t get to say anything – That’s when God woke me up from the weird dream….  That’s when God says “don’t complete that thought, I woke you up to remind you to stop thinking” – it’s a broken thought of course but perhaps God doesn’t always need us to placate situations – perhaps He says “Leave that up to me.”…

We know we need more of God saving us from broken things in our awake hours too… God fixes so all we have to do is keep moving forward towards him, so we have to move on…

God fixes broken people – with Jesus as their Savior – and tells them to move on… God is working on our brokenness – God says “Let Me finish it for you”… because you are broken then listen to Me and I will fix you, piece by piece, thought by thought”…

God knows the rest – He completes us – we don’t have to – just hand Him our broken pieces and move on…

Move On…

saying for 397.png


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