The Show Must Go On… the Lord Sayeth So, 18APR – #474



The Show Must Go On… the Lord Sayeth So, 18APR

Wow, I got a surprise award at work, the “speed, responsiveness and flexibility award” (which I think translates to I get to “wing-it” at work everyday LOL)… $250… Blessed… perfect on the day that I just mistakenly bounced my checking account, oops… this mini financial relief is just amazing, another reminder of God’s grace and mercy, and that the Lord sometimes provides so fast it makes my head spin…

This means I can now take my daughter guilt-free this weekend to see the behind-the-scenes tour of Radio City Music Hall (she’s researching a paper for school about it’s architecture, so I said “let’s go!”)…. blessed blessed blessed… bonus money is meant to be blown on fun things especially your kids.

What was icing on the cake today was that the big boss CEO of our company is in charge of tons of employees said that I “had the best smile of anybody” – wow – I can’t take credit for that! That’s from the Lord! I just fell the most blessed ever to be able to smile for Him! Blessed… All the credit and glory to Him!

I also just found out that I made the cut as a chaperone for the enrichment class field trip with my son to see Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in June, so this bonus money is also paying for that trip… I guess the Lord just loves funding the time I get to spend with my kids… Broadway is a nice way to do that…  money in – money out – memories made… Blessed…

What’s extra cool is that putting the finishing touches on this blog together, I just drove by a train station which I remember from many many years ago… my car was dying and overheated and I had already been driving stuck in traffic for an hour going less than 5 miles, I was so anxious to get to a concert it was the big reunion tour of the Police, oh awesome concert that I ALMOST missed… it was summertime in a giant outdoor venue and I was stuck in traffic like 2 hours away and at 90 degrees I chugged along when the check engine light came on in my beloved green Subaru Forester… I pulled over to the side of the road and endured honking horns and made my exit to the first available exit…. I didn’t know what to do – until I saw the train station!!! I parked my car at the gas station across the street, put a sign in it and let the guy know inside that I would be back the next day for it… and then I started my venture out on my own two feet… but of course with the Lord taking care of me, as he always does with all of us. I only had a destination to get to and I knew I would figure it out on the way… so I hopped on the train…. I didn’t have exact change – only a $20 bill – so a lady paid my token for me. I thanked her so much and gave her a dollar coin and a Staples coupon for a dollar – that’s all I could offer her. The people on the train instructed me on all the different connections I had to make to get down to the stadium for the concert. I ended up taking the train, a bus and two subways and then walking the last 5 minutes…  I checked with people along the way constantly rechecking… I gained an amazing story to tell about this journey, just like I do now! I know we all have amazing stories to tell of the times when the Lord smiled in us, gave us a lift and got us to where were were supposed to be – just in the nick of time – the show must go on…

I stepped right into the concert as the lights went down and Sting started singing – the drum started drumming my steps down to my seat and I danced the rest of the night.

The Lord says “The Show Must Go On!”… This I know for a fact… This I know as a blessing…

All good things are from God, how can we stay silent?




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