Good Friday, Sheep to Slaughter, 14Apr – #473


473 sheep.jpg473

Good Friday, Sheep to Slaughter, 14Apr

The Stations of the Cross was presented in a very calm and austere fashion in this 1711 church that I attended today, near work at lunchtime, it was a very convenient location where I’ve also walked for exercise… The church has sheep in its cemetery too… The service was silent, but it was so nice that afterwards the pastor and a kind woman named Holly greeted me.   (Surely not a coincidence that the woman who greeted me at my home church fifteen years ago is also named Holly)…

The station reading that touched me the most was that Jesus was led like a sheep to slaughter… He had to accept it – He had to be quiet about it – and He had to give up His will to God… often I think people focus on the physical pain of the crucifixion – but that was probably minimal compared to the 30 years on earth and forever the emotional pain that Jesus bore, knowing that there’s so many people to be saved that don’t even hear Him, they don’t know Him, let alone those who haven’t heard of Him… How blessed we are to hear, to want to listen, to reach, and to tell of HIS LOVE…

They have a prayer Labyrinth on this church grounds, and I was thinking that entering into relationship with Jesus is freeing, BUT it’s not like God gave us a “free pass” to Salvation – it’s more like God gave us a “work order” to start our journey….

We are blessed to have such a work order to work on our faith journey…

Blessed to journey this Easter week and always…

A Good Friday to reflect the stations of life we are in…

The LOVE we all share in came at a price to our heavenly Father, but all we need to do is pick up our cross and start to walk towards Him…


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