TOGETHER, 06APR – #545





God wants us to be TOGETHER.

I went to a work happy hour – end of a hectic chapter in the day, beginning of another…. Fun to relax, chat and feel at home with “the regulars” who collectively come sometimes alone to be TOGETHER.  Encouragement all around, people are social creatures by design. We grow closer together for support.

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

I went because a friend sings there, it is fun and very freeing to sing along… MUSIC is an island getaway for our minds, provides a stream of comfort and lets us be together internally harmonizing with our inner peace. Music also gives us lyrics to work out the untangling of rough thoughts of the day and to quiet the loud mental static in our heads… we sing to get our heads together.

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

My singing friend encouraged another great singer, then half a dozen more singers and guitar players that night as they took a turn at the mic, cool… a small gathering majorly amplified in spirit. (I sang my favorite song not on mic but five feet away leaning against a pool table to keep my nerves TOGETHER… my friend encouraged me saying: “you had beautiful harmonies”… SMILES).  The right mix of people was not a coincidence, I witnessed the cozy crowd become the best encouragers – yes, encouragement is a spiritual gift to us from God. Together we harmonize; we make our own oasis of encouraging support (and fun!).

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

I skeddadled out just in time to get to another gathering of community, oh that amazing welcoming feeling stepping into my praise band practice, but not singing this night but rewiring, reworking, untangling networking lines to make it easier each hurried Sunday morning to “plug in” – simplifying our complicated situation so that we can get it together and keep it together before serving the Lord for the congregation to sing along. Together to gather His flock.

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

Come Sunday morning we will each plug into our own style to be the hands, feet, and voice for God, singing and playing together creates harmonies… “where two or three come together in my name, I am with them…” Matthew 18:20… Solo we surely praise, but truly we want to be together to worship, to be His flock.

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

Home (I did make it home), whew, couch collapse, home with the kids, HOME… Together…  Collected, content, comfy couch coma collapse…  “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” by finding joy in the journey, then by finding our way HOME…. Home is finding peace and togetherness, by knowing the Lord is ready to be with us wherever we are mentally or physically (Psalm 139)… and there, together WITH the Lord, we will find rest…

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

Even alone, yes completely alone, we are not alone, God NEVER leaves us… Always we are TOGETHER WITH HIM!  He gathers His flock. He holds us in His hands… We rest our burdens on Him, His HOPE is secured, His LOVE never ending…. For His own togetherness,  He is always looking for us…. Forever….

God wants us to be TOGETHER.

With Him.




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