Open Arms, 23APR – #550



I reached for my phone when this firecracker of a spirit thought connected in my head last night, but I was in a church service and I had to wait to write… but WOW, please tell me someone had already had this spirited thought, I don’t read much so I think God just has to repopulate these notions again and again in us… my view of the cross changed forever in that moment yesterday… I hold onto the cross not JUST for life after death but for OPEN ARMS – TODAY…

Open Arms, 23APR

The Cross, Jesus’s Cross, is a great physical shape to hold onto in our hands, and the spiritual Cross is essential to hold onto in our faith. The Cross crossed Jesus over, life-death-life.

The shape of the cross, the image, the message, is not JUST of a reminder of the physical torture of Jesus’s tired abused body. But THINK about that shape, Jesus died with OPEN ARMS!!!! Arms that were forced humanly open by nails on wood, but actively mentally held OPEN by Him. When Jesus was at HIS last earthly moments He still kept His open arms OPEN!

Jesus has opened His arms to hold us, His arms to rescue us, His arms to lift us…. look at that shape and remember that His arms on the cross, and forever more, are OPEN ARMS to welcome us HOME…

If we focus on the shape of the cross, we should already feel home… “for today you will be with ME  in paradise”… Feel the love preparing our way thru His way. Christ connects life-death-life by His crossing over for our salvation. He welcomes us today. I invite you to feel how Christ is ready to peel His arms off that cross and lift you today, lift from under your rib cage and hold you TODAY – just as He would hold you FOREVER.

Jesus has OPEN ARMS to hold, hug, lift, LOVE.

We can live again by first living in Jesus’s arms – TODAY…

Hold onto His OPEN ARMS and squeeze Him too. Lift Him up and He will Lift you!






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