“There are Peepers, Lord!!!!”, 26APR – #551



I had to mirror my previous writing about the stars – from when I was on a blessing of a retreat 6 months prior –https://debbieupper.wordpress.com/2017/11/03/the-stars-27oct-496/

I HAD to write again – close to the same situation – same camp setting – same road – same nighttime climb of the hill – but different because I was not attending this retreat (and I snuck out early to get home to the kids) there was no one to talk to! – once again the ONLY praise and explosion of my thoughts could be shared with the one and only who deserves the praises – the Lord…

I felt like I was taking a mini retreat while dropping off someone to this retreat…  and this WAS different because instead of the Fall, it was SPRINGtime – yes there were different stars and oh the new sounds that sprung into my ears from the rare sound of the Peepers – “and new things I declare; before they spring into being I announce them to you.” Sing to the Lord a new song, His praise from the ends of the earth… (Isaiah 42)

“There are Peepers, Lord!!!!”, 26APR

I am screaming in my head while walking up the EXACT same hill where just months prior I had screamed in my head: “The stars, Lord!” – To whom can I call out? Again with no one to talk to – I can only call out to YOU, Lord! Only and appropriately only have praise for YOU – “to whom all is due”

I can hear those PEEPERS, Lord! WOW!

I can see those stars!

There are people too, Lord! I can feel them calling out Your praises tonight, even if I can’t see them.

I know they are praising – after I leave camp I will not hear them, but You can hear them, and that makes me happy.

There are REALLY LOUD peepers, Lord. I am floored at how blessed I am at this very moment – to relive an awestruck moment – to hear Your creation so loud… but Lord, why are peepers SO LOUD??? Do they need to hear each other? or perhaps do we need to hear them loud and clear so that we know that they are from You – praising back to You?

Why are the stars SO bright, Lord? Do the stars need to shine to each other? or perhaps do we need to see them so bright so that we know they are a sign from You?

Why is the moon SO mesmerizing, Lord? Does the moon need to startle the world? or perhaps do we need to just say ‘I do not know how God does all these amazing things!’

There’s our world, Lord! Why is our world so diverse, Lord? Is the earth for us or is it for You, Lord? – dust to dust with YOU… Can we remember to look for You in our mesmerization?

Do we need to understand the world to love it? or perhaps do we just need to know that You love it? Can we take care of Your beautiful Earth, Lord? Can you help us? Can we take a moment to care? to stare? to see? to listen? Will Your future children ever get to hear praises out of the voices of peepers? I don’t know – but I pray that they will…

Do we need to understand the people in the world to love them? Or perhaps do we just need to know that You love them and we should too? Will Your future children ever get to hear praises out of the voices of people?  Will Your future children get to feel Your love? I know that answer – they WILL feel your LOVE – but of course I pray that they will know it is from You

Can we truly ever know how much You love us?

Can I simply walk up this hill and know You are with me always? To the ends of the earth? I can Lord – I can!

Can we keep walking with you Lord? We can Lord – we can!

Can we understand that You most simply and most intricately want to show us that You love us! We can Lord – we can!

Can I hear praising peepers again?

Actually I still do hear those PRAISING PEEPERS – Your Spirit placed them in my head – and LORD, THEY ARE LOUD!

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