Jesus Crossing Guard, 01Jun – 564



Jesus Crossing Guard, 01Jun

The crossing guard at school this morning had such a stern look as she gazed down the road. She took a long view to see what was coming and what was going. Was she potentially looking for kids or watching the traffic? It was the most focused look you could imagine, not mean but very discerning… I’ve watched the same crossing guard for 6 years now and when the kids come she checks everything, she’s very thorough, and while her stop sign is up and the kids are crossing in front of her, her face changes and she smiles and greets them and is so happy to see them. She is a crossing guard who does just that – guards – protects – focuses on the task at hand – but she does not forget the joy of the children that she is tasked to take care of. Greeting and guarding go hand in hand.  She needs those kids to pay attention to her just as much as the cars need to pay attention to her. The kids need to cross safely, not hop across the intersection until permission, or jaywalk right into traffic.

That’s Jesus right there!! He is tasked with a mission. He wants us safe. He is our crossing guard – daily and eternally watching, discerning… It is through His cross that we cross to eternal life… It is His guard. He watches and protects. And it is thru His engagement with us that He can share Joy and peace loving smiles…

And Jesus has that long view of a crossing guard… He knows our past, He knows our future, and He’s ever vigilant to watch out for the big and the little things that can trip us up.

And Jesus does not forget to SMILE. Jesus wants to see life, see the joy of His children when they realize they are protected, when they realize they are being taken care of, and when they are crossing and walking WITH HIM.

The handheld stop sign which a crossing guard lifts does not prevent errant cars from speeding, it does not prevent people from completely being out of touch, it does not prevent all the evils in the world… Nor does it stop children who are not paying attention from cutting corners in the road – and in life… We are still children – we are still walking thru a broken world, a distracted and disheveled world, it is a messy world for sure…

Here’s hoping the stop sign for Jesus will catch our attention and we can look at our own actions and learn how to behave in all situations using His LOVE for guidance… Here’s hoping we know to move forward within His gaze.  Let’s hope we make it thru – and not lose our joy.

Remember Jesus has a long view – He sees our sin all the way back to original sin before we were even born – He sees it all, yet He does not judge it – and He forgives it all…. Since we do not even know all the sins we have committed, He forgives us… Since we know sins we still commit, even while we know Him, He forgives… And since we have no idea those sins we will make the future, He forgives.

Jesus has a long view in knowing that we need Him, He keeps that stop sign up and keeps watching, urging us to stay in this narrow path towards Our Father… No one crosses to the Father except thru Jesus – stray off the road and you might get delayed and lost without seeing the guard standing there ready to help.

Jesus will make sure those cars don’t block the box either when we cross, He wants to provide an open walkway – and then, while we are face to face with Him we can see His focusing Love and see His JOYful smiles to see us gazing directly at Him…  Jesus gives us the JOY of the Lord that we can hold on to now – and eternally…

Thank You for the cross Lord Jesus – the cross, the crossing and the crossing over  – thank you for our guiding path now. Greeting and Guarding – we will keep walking toward and with You.



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