Open the Gift, 10JUN – #565



Open the Gift, 10JUN

I just now saw a beautiful photo of a beautiful daughter and Mom, both women strong and bold… I know some of their story;   I know it’s the Lord who made them strong!

It got me thinking about why God picks certain times for us to become strong not just for ourselves, but for Him…

It is seemingly as if the time we spend growing is so that we gather the strength and fortitude to stand up to the world – and I know so many in this world may not know it is strength grown from Him… So, when we realize His gift of time to heal, to grow, to shine, then how much MORE grateful we can be (I am) that He found us weak, then He grew us strong.

He Himself chooses us to be His messengers, sometimes subtle or over the top, humble yet direct, soft yet certain, and always thankful!

And He places us in the company of folks that He needs His message sent to… our brokenness not crippling but purposeful… His healing right on time…

He chooses to make us stronger by healing us, if we accept AND take time for His ways.

He gives healing and strength as a gift. When we receive gifts we could and should say thank you, because since it’s a gift we have nothing to do with its gifting – and yet it is up to us to actually open the present up!

Open the present, His present, as in a gift package, and open the present, His present, as in time…

Open the gift and gift it back to Him!


HIS present

HIS presence

HIS PURPOSE becomes our purpose…

Open the gift of strength, of time, of healing – and then gift it back to Him!


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