Be God’s Glitter, 02JUL – #570


570 glitter

Be God’s Glitter, 02JUL

My Friend, you put the BIG letter G in Glitter. The big G of God.

My Dear, you ARE God’s Glitter.

Your witness to your faith Glitters, you remind us that it is God who holds us TOGETHER. You show how God glues our very finite dust particles TOGETHER for His purpose. And He shines us, sparkles us to Shine HIS LOVE.  God places Glitter on His beloved children with their shining SMILES.

My Dear, how many Glitter specks have you spread? How many faith seeds did you plant?  How many children first heard of Jesus’s saving LOVE because of you? Immeasurable!

How many families and friends faithfully saw the light of Christ shine thru you? Immeasurable!

How many lives were saved by your work being God’s hands and feet and especially God’s Glitter? Only God knows… My Dear you spread the Good News as fast as Glitter could be shaken out of a can… You Shine.

God glued you TOGETHER My Dear to Glitter.

Someday a forgotten box will be opened and Glitter will fall out. That’s God’s Glitter – because you taught God’s child to glue it. Perhaps it created a sparkle in a grandparents’ eyes to receive such a precious homemade gift, a gift that was made with LOVE. Perhaps it Glittered on a photo of a child’s shining Spirit. Perhaps the glitter covered a slew of gluing messes – no matter – it’s the HEALING shake of Glitter that catches our eye.

Glitter My Dear – you know Glitter, you know God – you witnessed that God glues us TOGETHER no matter how broken we are. You taught us to shine thru the tears because Jesus loves us, and that’s all that matters… JESUS CHRIST LOVES US.

Perhaps someday the floor tiles will be replaced and Glitter will ooze out of the cracks – and we will say that God was there. The leaf blowers will never clear all of the Glitter spread with happiness on this Earth.

And we will take up our own Glitter work for you My Dear, because we will Glitter because of God, we will glue, heal, teach,  learn,  love because of God.

We will SMILE because of God.

God’s healing now and eternally can and will Glitter thru our souls.

God’s glorious children are made by His own hands, and His Almighty Hands are completely covered in Glitter.


I wrote this for dear friend, I just looked at the VBS art frames she made with my kids – she was the one who started a Facebook group which triggered me to ask a mutual friend, a theology professor, important faith questions – I owe my knowledge of the realness of Jesus in part to the spirit moving thru her…

She was taken off life support last night. We have been praying for a complete healing miracle – I know that the Lord provides her and us the ultimate miracle of complete healing with Jesus – now and forever. I know the Lord glued her together from her brokenness and allowed her to serve Him in JOY – with sparkle – with Glitter…

I started weeping in the car driving and I had to stop to write this witness to her faith – I love her, I know she’s in the Lord’s miraculous hands, I pray that He heals her miraculously, I know He knows what is best. I trust in Him.

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