There is Peace in the Process, There is a Process to Peace – revised – #574B


574B – revised

Today is the funeral service for my friend…

I love a certain photo of both of us because you can see both her and I are processing,  thinking seriously about God while our friend was teaching in a confirmation class…  He held up his cell phone and asked the teenagers and us to put his phone number in ours and said we could text for prayer anytime (i did)… that’s a great way to work for God,  simply be available for comforting your friends.  2Corinthians 1:3-5

With my cell phone I both had been able to remain in contact with my dear friend then also just about  a hundred friends before and when she passed… there’s a process to peace… and processing with friends has been a huge blessing for me to start healing…


There is Peace in the Process, There is a Process to Peace

The gift of time to make peace is for each of us to achieve a little more peace – it is a time to pause and pray and place yourself where you mentally should be – Why? for God’s sake – ultimately it is ALL for God’s sake because He loves us, comforts us, and His ultimate goal is PEACE.

Those baptisms, weddings, and funerals – time to achieve some joy and some peace – time to witness that God pulls people closer in both their greatest joy and their greatest sorrow…  Often at a wedding people remember their own – often at a baptism people remember their little children – often at a funeral people look to comfort and be comforted – they look for that piece of peace that God is so eager to hand out – they look at their own lives and their own relationships while sitting in a funeral – they work out (or don’t) their own pain of loss – they nevertheless experience an opportunity to work for a peace that God wants them to have… peace in loss and peace in gain – God is all these things… that’s the truth.

See, God wants us to work out peace for us and others… We should ask to be found. Now is a good time to process our lost-ness, and our found-ness…

How much time did Mary and Martha need to process the death of their brother Lazarus? How much time after did they need to ALSO process that Lazarus then was raised from the dead? Wow… How many people witnessed that and then told their story for them so they could just sit there and take the new time with their brother??? God made time for them, and for Lazarus. He makes time for us too…

How many people were also moved to share repeatedly the tidbit of info that  “Jesus wept” – Jesus Himself wept. How did Jesus process this all? – He was as human as we are, so He weeps for peace too… How does He process knowing all those lost souls? And how much JOY tears are in His processing of the found souls? Can we feel His tears in ours? Will we feel His tears thru us? If we take time to process these deep truths of life, then we will. A piece of truth… A peace in truth…

So today, everyday, take time to process life death peace – there is no set time allotment – take all the time you need – God will make time for you… it’s a process…

… and look for Jesus to find you during that process… Jesus is the connection – gifted from our Father to us – to teach us how to live – to forgive our sins – and to bring us home.  no one goes to the father unless thru the Son…  well that takes time for each person to realize that…  it takes time to process that too…  Now is a good time to process the process that peace will come…

Lord, thank you for time to process – and heal – and for the peace…

There is Peace in the Process. There is a Process for Peace.


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