Alexa, Stop! 14MAR – #659



Alexa, Stop! 14MAR

I am not a fan of this time change – I used to wake up refreshed early and have time to write and think about my day, my kids, my life, my future….

Mostly I would lie in bed and give the Lord thanks for my blessings…

I’m not sure I need the extra hour we lost to sleep but surely I could use that extra hour to praise…

I’m being too cranky, I’m not running on empty, I have the same blessings as last week, Lord, but I’m tired Lord!!!!… “Alexa, stop!” The Echo Dot is so unforgiving…

but God is… God forgives the me in me… I must praise that…

If I didn’t praise the Lord, not only would rocks cry out but I think that I would crumble up and die… sounds dire but I’m really tired right now and I’m sure that when I catch up with sleep I will catch more praizzzzzzzzz’es.

Time to go… thanks for the cranky 5 minutes, Lord… Sorry for my complaining…

I offer You, Lord, a devotion written when I did sleep well… “Jesus is our cup holder”…

PS – I do praise You Lord, You made a beautiful sunrise for me to see this early morning… I’m glad and blessed that You allowed me to awaken and to see! You poured a lot of beautiful colors into Your coffee cup of the sky this morning! I’m pensive and blessed… I’m going to get myself up now and going – if the sun does rise – the Son does rise – I can rise too…


Jan 2016 Devotion:

So my swirling head, running place to place, I roll from one adventure to the next don’t I??? ALWAYS have, always will. I run on empty sometimes, well that’s not uncommon for many of us to be running on fumes… Actually, I think that’s running on the breeze of the HOLY SPIRIT… Tuesday I was blessed to facilitate my women’s meeting after a long pensive day, and truly I was fueled by hugs of the faithful ones there, plus we are starting a series of THE BEATITUDES.  Blessed are those who run on empty, their cups will be filled anew!!!

Blessed am I that I am forced to rely on the HOLY SPIRIT fumes sometimes, because I KNOW it’s not running on fuel from my own tank…

Outside I looked up to raise my eyes to praise and found the Pleiades nearly at zenith in the winter sky… Clear beautiful sky in the middle and the cloudy surrounding sky brought big SNOWFLAKES….  KISSES from God… Those are God’s way of telling me HE loves me, and I sent out tears and praise cheers and silent pause for HIS ways to comfort me… I sang “Immanuel, God is with us” to process…

Now that I have solid hours of sleep under me, I am ready to write my devotion. And the thought of my previous Subaru cup holder triggered my brain and it made me smile to know that Jesus is our best cup holder… Here is my devotion:

Jesus is Our CUP Holder, 13-14Jan2016

Friends, friends bring us hugs… Friends lift us up, friends steady our cups. We need pray for God to fill our cups, and when we ache and when we feel empty, we have to rely sometimes on others and we have to accept their grace, accept their help, AND accept their functioning arms as hugs from Jesus…and when we are full or have even just a little, we are best to share that with them too. When our cups were/are filled from God, then we know that source and we can share and then go back for more.

Friends will steady our cups, friends will help us find our lost cups, but it is US who need to tip them UPright if they are sideways or have a leak.  Our cups won’t catch the holy flow from God IF we don’t actually hold them UP and take the lids off. And we need to drink.

The best place to safely put our cups is in the permanent cup holder of Jesus’s ARMS… Think about it, think about that shape, Jesus’s arms outstretched for giving a hug – His arms also the shape of the perfect cup holder… Slide your cup right into Jesus’s arms… Slide Jesus’s arms right inside your heart. Steady your cup with friends who are hugging you to health… Each hug a little hot glue to keep it stable, a little cement for the side, a cushion to absorb the shocks of life. Accept the help of those who truly support you.

When you physically feel a hug, where are those arms squeezing? Right around your heart… When you ache, the hug can let you take the pressure off your frame and rest your heart… Jesus hugs, Jesus wants you to rest your whole body in HIS arms and especially let Jesus support your heart from within in HIS hands.

When you cup is empty, or when it is full, tip your cup UP…. Take off the lid, don’t block the flow, don’t forget to drink. Hold onto it so that your cup is UP and not up-set.

And remember you don’t own that cup, and you don’t get to choose the flavor it’s filled with (DON’T chug or spit it out)… the truth is that really GOD OWNS YOUR CUP and HE wants to fill it, and wants us to drink it, because HE wants to BE WITH US, Immanuel.

God gave us His ONLY begotten cup holder, so that we may live an eternal life with Him…

Drink up, God’s pouring!
Free drinks for ALL in ALL.

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