The Risen Truth of Easter, 12MAR – #658



The Risen Truth of Easter, 12MAR

Dough! undone dough – not risen – not bread – not done…  raw dough… cold and dormant faith…

Easter! Jesus is RISEN! but how about our own bread? Did we give it enough time to rise – are we doughy unfinished people? Does everyone know Jesus? Who needs to hear? Who needs to be filled with the Spirit – and RISE like bread with the warming PROOF?

Yes – we are collectively not yet done – not everyone knows Jesus – not everyone has RISEN with Him – not everyone is in the finished part of the baked bread – some, well many, are still stuck in the middle of the unfinished dough…

Bread must be warmed – bread must RISE – bread must be filled with yeast-creating air-pockets – bread must “PROOF”. Bread is not yet done until it is done…

People must be warmed – people need to feel the Spirit.

Jesus must RISE in these unfinished people – Jesus is not yet known to them – they are stuck in the dough – they are cold and have not fed on the sweetness of knowledge of God’s plan…

Jesus is the Living Yeast – Respiration and Resurrection – Jesus is the PROOF, the Way, the Truth the Life – Easter is the PROOF – Jesus is the TRUTH – the Kingdom of Heaven will RISE from the Spirit…  Every knee will bow… the Kingdom will not be done until it is done…

The bread of Jesus was broken – and now Jesus is shared. Jesus said “IT IS FINISHED” – That is when the bread of the body of Jesus ROSE.  – So let us now give the Kingdom a RISE as well – and tell others of the RISEN Christ.

Easter people – RAISE your voices… because there are people with raw dough clogged in their ears – they need You! Bring Your warming spirit to them as PROOF! Help them find their way to Easter.


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