Dance People Dance – VBS Confetti Canons, 22JUL – #716



Dance People Dance – VBS Confetti Canons, 22JUL

A friend told me he tailored his sales presentations to his specific clients’ needs and that WOWED THEM – won his company a gazillion dollars in business…

Isn’t that what God does too? Tailor our blessings, and be understanding of our needs, and show us plans that will win us to Him? Whether corrective steps or simple changes, AWARENESS is surely what God wants from us. And even better, FAITH is what God requires when we have no clue…

I’m sure that this is EXACTLY what God is doing for you and for me… herding His sheep, tailoring His sales pitch until we finally understand His Message.  Surely, He could go harsh on us. Surely, we should fear the Lord with awe. Therefore if He needs us spreading His JOY, isn’t that also still a command?

God is so powerful and effective and good that He Himself is both in charge of us and also wanting to convince us of His plans for us (Jeremiah 29:11)… He is all knowing of every hair on our heads, He is all knowing of what will motivate us… He is allowing us to heal from our pain, to taste His Joy, to move forward, and He wants us to share our stories…

I believe that 100%…

This is yet another reason why I smile during the summer Vacation Bible School weeks. I got multiple opportunities this year. I love to watch people enjoying life and setting aside their ongoing pain for His plan… I love to see JOY eclipse life’s JUNK… Not ignoring the pain, eclipsing it by knowing the Abundant Life…

God ordains our steps.  Today at my new Praise band singing gig for the Lord, I watched vacation bible schoolers dance effortlessly for the Lord! And I watched grownups drop their worries and dance knowingly for appreciation of the good that the Lord has provided them. And I watched some parents be hesitant to dance and yet be very thankful their kids had a good VBS week. And I watched some staunch no nonsense church members stand dead still (but they watched).  As for me? I sang sang sang, I did hand motions while holding the microphone, I did twirls best I could without cord tangles. And I danced while watching God’s people dance…

I did ALSO take some quiet time today, and seeing a little Jesus doll sitting, smiling, amongst tie-dye coffee filter flowers almost made me cry, this photo still does,  I had to take a photo of my feelings… I feel so blessed to have a child-like wonder of the Lord… with a wisdom that I must work for Him… with a knowledge that God is all good but still does major reality checks on us.

Childlike wonder, yes, but I know that it is NOT childlike knowledge we are being instructed with… it’s the deepest most intense feeling to know Jesus – to walk with Him. To be carried by Him.

(after not knowing Him in me for 45 years – this feeling is still INTENSE, and I am RELIEVED to talk about Jesus… a relief to know there are people who also know Jesus, with whom I can chat with… with whom I can dance with…)

I loved partaking in this repeat VBS celebration service (DURING the church service!) And at the luncheon, because these children of God share the same joy with us that God shares with them. Joy that we came to be together – children learning from the Father of how to be welcoming to each other and their neighbors…

And how did the celebration end? WITH CONFETTI CANONS!!!! 

WOW!!! I never saw that coming!!! I felt like I died and went to Heaven! I watched from the praise band vantage point into the faces of God’s people and they rejoiced!!!

At the end of our earthly roads is an open call into Heaven… Jesus walks with us each step, Jesus triggers the confetti canon as He and you step together into our Father’s heavenly place… it means you made it HOME…. maybe there is an internally very quiet moment of a heavenly breath catching when earthly breathing ceases… and then WOW, I am certain there is no feeling that I could explain that would equate to how Heaven will be. Therefore on our journey, we choose whether we dance, hesitate, stand staunchly still with Jesus, but as so as long as we believe, reach for Jesus’s hand, there is a place reserved for us. There are many rooms in Heaven.  There are many styles of sharing the JOY of Jesus.  Presence is needed in every case…

My friend in my band told me after the VBS celebration: “I don’t care if I looked silly dancing – I would have looked MORE silly NOT dancing”. TRUTH!

You know what? I KNOW the Lord has a place for me in Heaven – I would look MORE silly NOT dancing my JOY for Him EVERYDAY…  TRUTH!

Praise the Lord… Today is a new day WITH HIM… So take a moment to dance with Jesus, TODAY!

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