Where Do I Fit? a One Sheep VBS Moment, 20JUL – #715



Where Do I Fit? a One Sheep VBS Moment, 20JUL

Ah, my friend caught a precious VBS moment in a photo…

VBS is not just about fun, it is having faith that God needs you to be present where He places you.

Where do I fit?

The most important scanning of a new situation is to see where you plug in and where you can make a difference and to discern why God put you there that day.

I didn’t feel that weird in a new Vacation Bible School church because I figured I could be helpful, somewhere…  I did wonder how I could contribute, I wondered how God would use me and I made myself available for His plan. That morning I saw random needs: I folded t-shirts and I placed nametags on people who didn’t think they needed them – they did… A former VBS director always scans the scene…

In the opening session for one particular day, God made clear His answer to my question of “why am I here?” The answer came in one sheep – I noticed Jayson pouting on the floor, 2 rows back from the well-behaved 16 five-year olds that I was assigned to…. I saw him not participating, disgruntled, ANGRY at Grandma and the world…. No, I never met him – but knew what an angry 7year old’s “HMMPFFF!!!!” was all about…

The five-year olds were fine with 6 leaders present, so I was able to break away and down I sat, on the ground in the sanctuary… Eye to eye… Really it didn’t matter what I said to Jayson. I just tried to listen.  And then… in a flash Jayson took off!!! Running down the side!!! I ran!!! Yes I ran!!!….I  yelled “Catch him!” but three adults were totally oblivious, they did not… I caught him just at the back door – and I was thankful!!!…


“God, this is why I am here today”… “Thank you Lord that You enabled me to be aware, to run, to catch, to be present…”

That afternoon and the next day I stood guard watching him in the pews, he was much better, doing the singing, he was OK for his Grandma. I even saw him chatting with a friend.

See, that’s what working for God is all about – it is about being present, aware, asking the Lord: “where do I fit?” – it is NOT “what’s in this for me?” – but “What’s my role – where can I be the servant?”…

Running AT camp is where God used me – this year I was NOT running a camp but running AT camp… “Where do I fit, Lord?” EXACTLY where You placed me.

There’s no better week than VBS week… NONE…

Thank You Lord for VBS sheep! I am one of them – thank You for catching me too…


715 where do i fit

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