JESUS is Proof – We are Not to Tarnish, 25Aug – #731



JESUS is Proof – We are Not to Tarnish, 25Aug

I pieced this together few days ago thinking about my Dad’s love of coins – and read Michael Card’s commentary on the women at the tomb Easter morning…

Anyone called into His service becomes Proof of Him shining thru us.

Risen Jesus is the Proof.

We think of a proof coin as untarnished and pure, and oh so shiny!!!! Then what about us? We are coined in His image – are we as shiny? pure?

As humans we easily forget how amazing it is to be called by God for His service – and we begin to tarnish, like silver, become dull with our shine, in need of help…

As we enter the world, the messy world, our Proof coins get opened we become handled coins, sometimes scuffed up, sometimes lost, sometimes found… Our human ways can beget human flaws…

But the shine is still there. It really does simply need shining and it just really needs elbow grease…  Elbow grease means we put in the work to share the Word.

If we forget that our blessings are for His service, then we become dull… Is there proof of love in everything we do? – all my work, all my education, all my fun stuff, all my singing, all my friends, all my amazing adventures, all my life adventures – everything – all my “I happened to be in the right place at the right time”?

The truth is the right time came before the right place, before I even came to be – because the right timing for me – for us – for Him is HIS time…. and now we must parlay that into HIS SERVICE. His time to shine thru our service.

To make a difference in the world, we have to be out in the world and SHINE HIS LOVE. There is nothing compared to seeing the evidence proof, witness of TODAY’S Jesus… The women who entered the tomb witnessed the evidence for a risen Christ – but it was not proof until they saw HIM. We have God’s love in us, but we are not proof of the Risen Christ until we shine it.

God made us in His image – Jesus looks like us… We look like Jesus and we can be like Jesus and therefore we have the ability to be Proof of His Love.

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