See Nothing to See Everything, 26AUG – #732


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See Nothing to See Everything, 26AUG

I couldn’t see well yesterday after the eye doctor’s drops, fittingly my Acts 9 scriptures and writings were nearly finished before the appointment… of course Acts 9 is about God using blindness so that Saul/Paul could see ONLY the Lord. Of course it was about seeing, of course…

Saul had to learn to trust the Lord to see. We all do.

I had to trust the eye doctor. Especially since I get sick to my stomach whenever I go. I have to trust him touching my eyes and knowing I will become out of commission for hours. I want to avoid these visits, but I am compelled to go, I have rare narrow angles (maybe 5% of the population) where my iris is pushed forward and bunched up like a squished rug – I attached a photo. This could block the drainage, and cause pressure and glaucoma.  So far so good! But I “have to keep an eye on it”.

Fittingly, as I don’t have time to sit down and read right now, Bible Gateway online with David Suchet has superbly reading the bible out loud while I drive or while I take a walk… I don’t use my eyes but my ears to get just as close to my Lord.  Give a listen!

Acts 9 is the story of blindness – both spiritual blindness and human blindness – and the use of blindness as a tool to finally see… it is a story about ruthless Saul, who hunted anyone following “the Way” and how he becomes Paul, one of the most prolific bible writers…  Saul is blinded during a conversation with the Lord on the road to Damascus- “he opened his eyes and he saw nothing” – which means he knew he was supposed to see – he knew there was nothing – he knew that he didn’t know what had happened. Then the Lord led him to healing – the blindness caused Saul to be in the need to be led…

We too should realize that we need to be led – by the Lord Himself.

It is EARTHSHATTERING to have the Lord Himself hunt you down for a conversation… it is better to listen before it gets to a crisis… to listen ahead of time knowing the Lord will send others help you, give you warnings, give you encouragement. Just know it is the Lord and the Lord alone who calls your name, moves your spirit…

Do you hear Him calling? Listen for the whisper.

When the scales dropped from Saul’s eyes due to the work of Ananias, Saul knew that the Lord changed him. He was blinded so that He could see. And now Saul, who became Paul, only wanted to know the Lord MORE.

We surely want to know the Lord better! To see! To feel! To ask for our scales to be shed… to become a disciple like Apostle Paul, if the Lord can forgive him, He can and does forgive us! You have to trust the Lord to give up yourself….

Look at the trust that Ananias gave the Lord – to risk death by approaching Saul/Paul – yet in doing so he impacted all future Christians gaining new life in Christ…. Amazing trust! Ananias trusted the Lord with his life for that task. A fool for Christ.

Look at the trust by Jesus’s followers – tremendous trust and forgiveness on their part to accept this ruthless man Saul changed into Paul, but they did!!!… fools for Christ.

If we trust the Lord, we will get a whole new life. It is not always an easy one, for Saul/Paul or us…

Jesus promised suffering and yet Paul counted it all as a gain – to know the presence of God – to know his purpose. Paul’s passion never wavered, as he always felt like he had not yet obtained the glory he kept working… When Saul was called, nothing else mattered, NOTHING, except trusting the Lord… Paul later had such suffering in prison, such thorns in his side, he said it taught Paul to be humble… Yes, Paul wrote from prison to inspire, teach, praise, warn, and be whom the Spirit led him to be…

All of us have a calling to move from our Saul to our Paul… Thorns of persecution for being “fools” don’t matter…

Others may see nothing – we see with our faith…

Others may see a fool – we see Salvation…

We know salvation…

Trust and you will know nothing else.

It is wise to be a fool for Christ.



Paul writes in Corinthians 4:

He will bring to light what is hidden in darkness and will expose the motives of the heart. At that time each will receive their praise from God.

Already you have all you want! Already you have become rich!

We are fools for Christ, but you are so wise in Christ!

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