Office Use Only, God’s Office, 25AUG – #918


Office Use Only, God’s Office

Yeah, my brain and my time has relaxed after my marathon sprint last week – my son’s wisdom teeth surgery and my daughter’s move back to college. “WHEW” cannot describe this feeling – and to catch up on sleep, oh Blessed.

Oh, so Blessed that EVERY MORNING the Lord wakes us up and prepares us for a new day. Today I can work from home – sitting outside – I knew that I had the opportunity to enjoy the last bits of summer – so today I knew that I was blessed to even be alive. After my morning 7am walk, I started the ping-pong session of the thousand things I wanted to accomplish around the house and then to sit down and work at work-work. I did get a lot done – and I then got the call – a call to help someone in need – yes time to switch gears, to help, to work on God’s time. Was it cutting into my non work-work free time? Well, NO because ALL time is all GOD’S time. I knew that I was to go, how could I not toe the line, in wait for His instructions, because we are ALWAYS working on God’s Dime and in His Time.

And it all worked out, all is OK. While I was later standing in the dollar store, passing the time waiting for my friend, sure enough there was a sign – always a sign – a God sign. Today’s sign said “Office Use Only”. Say What? God’s Office, our ultimate Home Office, is in charge of our time. This was a true sign, physical paper too, taped to a misplaced bucket of office supply stuff, left on a random shelf probably when the cashier was in a rush, this was a sign that reminded me that my time is not my time. I cannot rush my time, halt my time, be stingy with my time. My time is God’s time, ALL THE TIME. If I have misplaced myself in God’s Time, He will find me. Hunted down like Psalm 139 for sure.

If we plan something, well we need to work that out with prayer. How often does God work that out with us, knowing all will be fine? All the time. Remember James 4 for sure: Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead, you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that.”

The Lord’s Will.

Let that sink in. We are blessed with time. Why? 

Sometimes we don’t seem to have enough time. Why?

We cannot make time. Why?

People need to spend time thru God’s blessing’s time. Why?

Because God Makes Time.

Why and how can we work for God? We already do, don’t even ask why.

Why and how can we ask God what He wants? We often don’t see that He has put the task to us before we even have to ask.

God’s Office requires us to leave space in our time for “Office use only” – to be in a movable place – a flexible space – allowing enough personal grace to be forgiving and realize His giving grace. We are best to set aside time for, and be willing to give back time to, the One Who Makes Time. 

It is ALL His Time. Give it to God and we will be fine.


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