SCARS, 24AUG – #917


Oh the scars we carry… scary scars, brutal scars, tiny bits of us disrupted and faded but not gone. Scars are reminders. But scars DON’T have to be open. No. The scars in your life, on your heart are now CLOSED. If it’s healed enough to be a scar, then it’s all healed from within,  it’s not open anymore. If it is a visible scar, you have a story to tell to anyone who is thirsting for knowledge of how the Lord heals

Heaven knows, Jesus understands your scars. Jesus has them too.

Yes, the One (whom Thomas doubted) showed His Scars to all, but not because He was still bleeding, or to cause alarm, but because the scars showed history, identity, and realness. Not because they were relevant anymore. Scars and all, JESUS WALKED ALIVE. Scars of past pain left behind, now present was PRESENCE. Jesus did NOT let His Scars keep Him from moving forward, neither should we. Jesus did NOT continue to bleed from His Scars, did NOT stay crumbled. Jesus Overcame. So can we. 

What scars represent is ACTUALLY precious healing, whether precise or haphazard these are repaired wounds, sometimes processing is long but truly these become closed cases. Scars remind you where you came from, identify what you HAD gone through, and are not corrupted with now. You should be able to look at a scar and remember that you HAVE healed. You ARE still you, a better you, a wiser you. You are a survivor, a Spirit-fed and Jesus-filled survivor. 

Jesus, He gained His scars to take away the pain and bleeding from ours. Jesus, He heals by deliverance, He is the Deliverer, your Deliverer, mine too. What scars I have, I remember but they no longer reverberate, Jesus silenced them from His Healing from deep within my soul.

Let your scars be. Walk Whole. 



A powerful song, My Deliverer, speaks of Jesus heard the whole  world cry, and He was knowing the healing that would flow from His Own Scars. He will never break His promise. 

Song by Richard Mullins, just before he passed, sung by Ragamuffins

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