Enough, 29AUG – #921


Sometimes I feel I never do enough. Sometimes too much. Maybe we all just aren’t perfect, are we?… I’m not. Who is?

Only Jesus. 

Need to choose focus?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Want to go to Heaven?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Need guidance?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Want to live with no fear?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Need comfort?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Want to lighten your burdens?   Jesus.   Perfect!

Want to know God?

Want to know yourself?

Want to understand life?

Jesus   Jesus   Jesus 

Whose been frustrated like us?   Jesus 

Whose been sad like us?   Jesus 

Whose been betrayed?   Jesus 

Whose been misunderstood?   Jesus 

Whose understands our JOY?   Jesus 

Who knows our HOPES?   Jesus 

Who sorts out good and bad in life?   Jesus 

Who forgives you before you do?   Jesus 

Perfect provisions for saving. 

Perfect plan for purpose. 

Perfect man, lamb, servant, Spirit, God.



Jesus is Enough. 


One thought on “Enough, 29AUG – #921

  1. PS Today as I prepared my son’s birthday presents I thought it’s never enough or it’s too much of the things he doesn’t need… It’s not the same as a little kid’s birthday when you turn 16… There’s no car but that’s OK there will be some year, in God’s time… it’s not like we are going on a big trip, but that’s ok we will, in God’s time. And it’s just him and me, no family around. He didn’t want a big friends party in these times…
    After the presents, I knew I needed presence… I thought there’s really nothing that would make this perfect… But actually THERE IS, and so I prayed out loud for my son, BECAUSE JESUS IS PERFECT, and PRAYER IS A PERFECT GIFT and even prayers we can’t speak are perfectly interpreted by God…

    God bless my son. God knows my imperfections and fills them in with His grace.. Thanks God. Thanks Jesus. Thanks Holy Spirit.


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