Promise, 30AUG – #922


We wonder how to serve the Lord. The Lord says “Let me figure that out for you!”

Our purpose in life is to LOVE God, and LOVE all His people.

Our promise in life can be to do our best to serve God, which helps Him Save His people. Our how? Use the gifts He gave us. Simple. Sacred. Spirit-driven.

Do you know that you DO HELP, just by praying? You do. Do you know that you do help by using your gifts? You do. …  because God does.

I made a promise to serve many years ago as a Girl Scout. Whether I understood that or not at the time, I always knew that God was in charge and that people needed help. I have continually converged those thoughts and continually wondered how I can help. 

Many promise to do their best to serve God, which helps Him Save His people.

A promise I made to God, which I was reminded of this morning looking at my 40-year old girl scout wood plaque, is a re-promise today in a pledge:

“Oh my honor I will try: To serve God, my country and mankind, and to live by the Girl Scout Law.”

Yes, to serve, to do our best, to let Him pick our plan.

SO…..  this is the message for this musing (to myself and to all):

Be inspired and be inspiring.

Be purposeful for God and be purposed by God.

Be promise-keeping and be aware of any opportunity to share His Promise of Salvation made to mankind.

Be at His calling and call unto Him.

Be useful to God and acknowledge the gifts He gave you.

Be sure to simply do you best.

Simple. Sacred. Spirit-driven.  


One thought on “Promise, 30AUG – #922

  1. PS
    This morning, in the 30 minutes I walked my mini-hills neighborhood, I was able to talk to God, wonder about His creations in the rustling wind in the trees and the most brilliant blue sky. I was called upon to pray for fire and police sirens that I heard in a near distance, rare a sound that long and prolonged of whole squads racing – so prayer was/is the best thing I could do. I was called upon to ask for healing for a beginning of annoying tennis elbow (too much laundry, yeah), I know the exercises, God knows the healing. And in my quest to be at my health’s best, I thought of ways to praise Him to others who are inspired simply by me walking everyday. I had the urge while walking so deeply growing from inside of me to write this devotion, wondering how God floods my brain with so many thoughts to get out. Then, I had the privilege and honor to chat with my missionary neighbors, rushing back to the house before he was to preach at their church service this morning. It is a blessing to see these folks serve, inspire youth, be the change in the world by changing lives in our little corner of life… Yes, it is our little corners of life where God can see the whole room. Amen


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