Won but not quite Done, 23MAY – #1162


We must witness of God’s goodness, our call can never be DONE.
Concluding doesn’t exist anyway, there are so many who need to hear of Jesus, multitudes under the sun.

Truly the winning of souls can not be undone.
Jesus said “It is finished”, the battle over sin and death WON.
But that does not mean our marching is DONE.

God painfully aches for all souls, every single one.
So for Him we MUST share our knowledge of His Son.

In Jesus IT IS FINISHED, now the SAVING has really begun.
We can share and we can pray for all to listen and for their souls won.

We can share the greatest gift under the sun.
God’s love and Jesus’s sacrifice brings GRACE to everyone.

The battle IS won, but our work is not quite done.


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