And the Pastor was VBS Sweeping, 19AUG – #1227


Of course the VBS Spirit spreads in overdrive and overglitter and overflows… and the pastor was sweeping YES after the evening – which is why I wrote a poem for appreciation of all the hard working Pastors and church leaders out there doing the Lord’s Work! God bless you all!

I wrote this specifically for my pastor friends at a worship center in the city who embraced me as an excited VBS-er a few years ago, and know I am always looking for the Holy Spirit jumping about. We connected couple times independently due to the Holy Spirit knowing Facebook algorithms MUCH better than Facebook does… connections on sharing vbs decorations – independently twice!…. cool…

To say I enjoy VBS is an understatement, but I was ALSO WATCHING the pastors’ brains working, and the balancing of so many things that I couldn’t even imagine… a former VBS director does the glance across the room and notices the teachers while the teachers are regrouping themselves… I was also watching the Holy Spirit fuel their energy tanks for His purposes, lifting up the excitement for the children, and sustaining the world in the ways only He can by energizing EACH person in His Own Way…

(Loved VBS dancing and I LOVED the walking tacos they served for dinner! yum!!! and THANK GOD I got my vaccination so that I felt fine standing there with such good kids doing a “Jesus gives us Power to be Bold” experiment of Holy Spirit Hydrogen Peroxide, Dishsoap and Yeast)


The Pastors were Tired but Powered by God. 

The Pastor was tired, but he turned on the lights, sound equipment and his energy before VBS. 

The Pastor was tired, but she took care of work business, home business then she rallied her kids to the church and saw to it they joined them on a lifetime of service to the Lord. 

The Pastors were EMPOWERED, because God brought VBS kids to the church. 

The Pastors were excited, because the Holy Spirit decided to overflow JOY into jumping kids.

The Pastors were BUSY because the volunteers were BUSY BEES serving the Lord. 

The Pastors were BOLD because JESUS gives us the POWER to be BOLD.  

The Pastor was tired, but he swept up the floor before leaving. 

The Pastor was tired, but she rallied her kids to the car and drove home in a rainstorm.

The Pastors were BLESSED because “God gives power to the weak and strength to the powerless”. Isaiah 40:29

Jesus, You keep them on-track. THANK YOU LORD!


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