Bold Boasts Build, 17-18AUG – #1226


Nothing can be built that will last unless the Lord builds it (Psalm 127). That’s why we ARE best as His Hands and Feet, and NOT His Brain or Brawn. LET HOLY SPIRIT build THE STEAM of HIS POWER into YOU. A Mighty Engine can pull a huge trainload, God is our engine and our steam. Know that you may be His hands for dexterity, but He has made the muscles to make it all work together. Know that you have the movement of feet, but He decides which way for you to turn. Don’t fight and thus twist a knee out of joint! Stay on track with Jesus.

Be BOLD in your Boasting of His Power, but Be His, BE IN ALIGNMENT. 

I am looking forward to sharing my hydrogen peroxide, dish soap and yeast experiment again with a friend’s VBS this week.  A perfect match to present the experiment to explain the boldness gained by Peter after Pentecost that brought to him, and the disciples, the Holy Spirit for the power of teaching, healing, and most importantly explaining and sharing who Jesus was and what Jesus taught. Peter’s boldness both allowed the Lord to use him in healing a crippled man as a demonstration of Jesus’s power AND set the stage for religious leaders to either believe or be left behind. Peter’s boldness by Jesus’s Power thru the Holy Spirit started conversations and conversions, THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE… BOLD… Jesus’s Power makes us BOLD. 

It’s a privilege to work for the Lord, and SO IMPORTANT to obey His commands and direction.  As much as Peter, filled with the Holy Spirit, could be BOLD in sharing the Word of the Lord, teaching about the Power of Salvation over sin and death, Peter could not do it by himself. Peter needed the HOLY SPIRIT, which Jesus asked the Father to send (that came on Pentecost 10 days after Jesus ascended). We can not be bold by ourselves nor would Jesus want us to be – He would WANT us to have HOLY SPIRIT POWER! Peter, you would think, would have been already “all steamed up” as he lived WITH Jesus for 3 years, even witnessed Moses and Elijah revealed on a mountaintop trip of Jesus’s Transfiguration. Peter WALKED ON WATER with Jesus, yet Peter would DENY even knowing Jesus, deny this 3 times. Peter would take his eyes off Jesus and Peter sunk. So only when the Holy Spirit moved into Peter’s and the disciples’ lives, building their BOLDNESS, did they gain this power. 

We are to ask for the Holy Spirit too. We ask to keep our eyes on Jesus. 

Paul, the BOLD writer in the early church years, witnessed the power of Jesus through both his own conversion from being Saul (a ruthless murderer of early Christ followers) and witnessed strong faith by the disciples. Paul took what he learned and began writing writing writing people in churches that were going astray, early churches that he himself helped to start. They went this way or that way (ouch, that must have been some sore muscles keeping the other parts of the body intact and keeping the body of Christ from becoming disjointed). Paul’s boldness was sometimes written out in correction (2nd Corinthians 10), sometimes written in praise, and his boldness was always in teaching… Our work as well is to be “in the sphere of service God himself has assigned to us” – and not out to serve ourselves. 

We are to be careful to have the Lord decide what path we take and how to build our life. Take a reminder from prophet Jeremiah 9:23-24 “This is what the Lord says: ‘Let not the wise boast of their wisdom or the strong boast of their strength or the rich boast of their riches, but let the one who boasts boast about this: that they have the understanding to know me, that I am the Lord, who exercises kindness, justice and righteousness on earth, for in these I delight,’ declares the Lord.”

Paul repeats the instructions in his letters: Let the one who boasts boast in the Lord. For it is not the one who commends himself who is approved, but the one whom the Lord commends.”

Like a car out of alignment, the steering is tough. Yet aligned WITH THE LORD, our path, our sphere, our journey will be sure. Life is not always an easy path, but He gives life to His beloved sheep who are us!

Jesus Bold boasts builds steam as His Spirit puts fire into the engine boiler of living water. If we don’t refill with Living Water, Jesus, our boiler will run dry.

The Lord delights in us when we stay on track.


Jesus’s Power makes us BOLD. 

Amen Amen


Psalm 127:1-2

Unless the Lord Builds the House

A Song of Ascents. Of Solomon.

Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he GIVES to his beloved sleep.

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